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 Millevolt    648

Copy, paste and send to whomever needs a warning.

An open letter to the ruling class in America.

You have been warned, you can take this for what you will, but we the people have been pushed, OVER the line. Your arrogant policies of lawlessness, for yourselves and for your protected classes of criminals and terrorists, has been tolerated till now, and will not be tolerated any more. You hide behind your walls, while bringing terrorists into our country, and tell us AMERICANS don’t need walls. You hide behind your walls, allowing unvetted, unchecked migration of people, some violent criminals, and some carrying lethal diseases into our schools, to sit next to our children, while your children go to private schools protected by armed security. When your army of terrorists act up, and use firearms that under the law, they should have never had in the first place, you want to take OUR right to defend ourselves, all while making this nation more dangerous than it has ever been before. While you hide behind your walls, you have police TRAINED to be militant with your DHS “no hesitation” targets, and “justify” any wrong shootings, then blame police and racism for the aftermath, further dividing this country, and further federalizing and militarizing police, placing THEIR lives unnecessarily at risk. Well, I am here to tell you, ENOUGH! WE are SICK AND TIRED of you dictating to us how we should live under your dystopian criminal ruling class, and you better back the hell up now. You think you are above the law, and since the law no longer seems to apply to the crimes you commit against the AMERICAN people, black, white, and ALL races of AMERICAN, since  our system of justice failed to hold you accountable for the harm you are doing to AMERICAN citizens, for the fact that you are putting EVERY person in the world ahead of the AMERICAN people, at the expense of OUR freedom, security , and safety, and the fact that AMERICAN people, black, white, and blue are DYING because of your decision, we hereby put you on notice... When our children are hurt or killed by your arrogant, and treasonous decisions, we are going to YOUR house and taking matters into OUR hands. Since it seems that you have NO REGARD for the AMERICAN people, and NO REPROCUSSIONS for your treasonous decisions, its about time that YOU have the same skin in the game as WE do.  If WE can no longer feel safe in our own country, that we worked so hard to make right, then YOU shall not either! YOUR walls and security can be breached, when our daughters are being raped in public places, our citizens are being shot up by ISIS, our police are acting like occupying armies, and thugs are shooting cops, while violent felons are released to tear up our society, we will be there, if our families have to suffer, we will make YOUR families suffer, You better start putting AMERICANS first, or AMERICANS will be knocking YOUR door down! Oh, and since you have MADE America into a lawless dystopian hell hole… Don’t EVEN think about trying to take the guns, they WILL get turned on you!

Signed, the people YOU declared war on. The AMERICAN people.

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