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Natural Health Compilation Thread!

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 Groove    1,317

Hey guys, I know with all the talk lately were getting threads to pop up with different ways to take care of yourself. I'd like to start a thread where we can compile everything from the forum into one big thread. Everyone can post different alternative meds for different ailments. Or even post when their currently taking and maybe make suggestions to other members here. 

Ive been trying to go natural and for a while never knew where to start do I just started to look at one part of my life at a time. So far I've only done a few things but here goes.  

Aluminim free deodorant and anti perspirant. I try to find fluoride free tooth paste but that's a tough one locally. Plenty of Vitamin C daily, and fish oil( instead of flax seed oil, thanks for the suggestion @Cryptid Mold) I also love colloidal silver for cuts and scrapes and when I'm sick. Honey is great for different things as well. 

I have a lot of links in going to be liking for and posting here as well. 

So what does everyone think, start one thread instead of a bunch of small ones? Let's just see how it works out, I know I'd love it.:cheers:

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 Lucy Barnable    2,656

Great idea Groove!

Everything we put on our skin is absorbed and so many shampoos, lotions, cosmetics and sunblocks are full of toxic chemicals.
Here is a great website where you can type in products and it will tell you if there are nasty toxins in it or not.


I try to use as few commercial products as I can get away with without going full blown hippie.
Here's what I use:
Tom's of Maine aluminum/fragrance free deodorant.They used to make fluoride free toothpaste but I can't find it anymore.
Baby Shampoo. I like Aveeno; it's sold pretty much everywhere and I don't need to use conditioner to brush my hair after.
But for conditioning I use coconut or sesame oil after I do an apple cider vinegar rinse about once a month or so.
Same for lotion, just coconut oil. It has an SPF of about 5. Sesame oil works well too but you'll smell like a peanut.
Dr. Bronner's castile soap. Again I use the baby formula because it's fragrance free. I use it for face wash too.
I make my own make up with bentonite clay, arrowroot powder, beet powder and turmeric. For darker complexions add coco powder.
I've tried to make lipstick but haven't had much success. The beet powder is too grainy no matter how much I strain it.
I tried using food grade food coloring but it's RED, not for everyday wear for me so I use Burt's Bee's lip shimmer.
That's it. Simple and safe.

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 Groove    1,317

Thanks Lucy. I had to step away earlier and wash my dog lol. But Ima look here in a few and post a few that I take. I can say one thing tho, after taking a multivitamin made from all non gmo sources made out of Veggies and fruits it has made me just feel better overall compared to the store bought kictchen sink vitamins. 

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 Lucy Barnable    2,656

I love this book:

The Herbalist
by Joseph E. Meyer, Clarence Meyer 

This longtime best-selling book about herbs and their uses is now available in a newly revised and updated edition. It explains where different herbs grow; how to gather and prepare them; their medicinal values; and how to use them. Additional information has been added on beverage teas, spices and flavoring herbs, plant vitamins, plant dyes for fabrics, botanicals for dentifrices, gargles and cosmetics. Clear-cut illustrations of plants are found throughout the text and 291 plants are illustrated in full color.



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 Groove    1,317
2 hours ago, Cinnamon said:


Thanks for the bump @Cinnamon I keep getting side tracked. Lol. 

Heres a few links even one I think you posted the other day. 

Ill start with the 8 most dangerous meds today  


Here's the link to the aluminum in deodorants.   


The most powerful antibiotic 


Here's a little bit on detox, not a great one but does have some good info.  




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What is the best time to order organic heirloom seeds? Today, or as soon as they become available. I despise the Agriculture dept. But if you go to your state Cooperative Extension website for gardening or vegetables or fruit, you can find which varieties are successful for your climate. I didn't plant Cherokee Purple tomatoes this year, and boy am I sorry. 


What are the best seed companies? I like Southern Exposure, Seedsavers, a few others that guarantee seed quality.


(Re-posted from Big Red's thread. Grow your own food -  for healing through nutrition.)


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