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"It's time to take your medicine, honey."

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 CSB    2,171

8 Most Dangerous Medicines on Earth — Are You Taking Any of These?

"It's time to take your medicine, honey."

"But Mom, it's making me feel weird and horrible, and I'm not getting any better." "Well, it's what the doctor prescribed, so it's what we have to do."

Have you ever been told to listen to your gut? There's a reason for that. Actually, several reasons.

Many "Western" medicines are made in laboratories using chemicals and are highly experimental, and worse yet, they're never tested on humans, except when they're actually prescribed, applied, or injected into them.

Humans are the ultimate guinea pigs in America, while Big Pharma pockets trillions in profit. How did this all come to be?

Simple answer: After WWII, Nazi scientists were hired fresh out of prison to work on pharmaceuticals, vaccines, chemotherapy, and chemical food additives, in order to fuel the most insidious business on earth–allopathic medicine.

It's no conspiracy theory either. The horror that took place at the Holocaust in Germany was continued, on a lesser scale, in the United States, for money.

Read the whole post here : http://humansarefree.com/2016/07/8-most-dangerous-medicines-on-earth-are.html

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 Guitar Doc    1,571

Great topic.

I was used as a drug experiment as a child. Mothers in the 1970's treated doctors like they were gods.

It wasn't until I was in my 20's I realized what had been done to me. The first time I took LSD I realized my entire childhood I had been just tripping.

When you are tripping emotions are magnified. Some experiences were rather traumatic.

It gave me an excellent memory and enhanced logic functions as you had to develop those just to keep up with the other kids.

It also opened the door to some negative things which I have had to work on to correct.

Kurt Cobain said doctors introduced him to drugs. Nothing new though, the rolling stones wrote "mother's little helper" in 1967 describing doctors dishing out antidepressants way back then.

One of my friends is a top doctor, he is horrified at the doctors prescribing drugs to kids, Ritalin in particular. Doctors who speak out lose their careers he tells me.

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