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UFO Crash and Alien Recoveries

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Aurora Crash

Legend has it that a slow moving space ship crashed into a Texas windmill on April 17 1897, exploding into thousands of pieces.

As the debris was searched through, the body of a small alien was apparently discovered and buried in the local cemetery.

The wreck also revealed material sketched with a type of hieroglyphic never seen on Earth before.
Then years later, in 1973, a ninety-one-year-old who had been a local teenager at the time of the reported incident came forward to back up the burial story.

She said her parents had actually been to the crash site, but had not allowed her to accompany them for fear of what might be in the debris.
The supposed ‘crash’ became such a well-known story that it was transformed into a movie, “The Aurora Encounter” in 1986, starring Jack Elam.

The Berwyn Mountain Incident

Widely referred to as the “Welsh Roswell” this incident on January 23 1974 is etched into the extra-terrestrial history books.


In Berwyn Mountains in Llandrillo, North Wales, a UFO craft was believed to have smashed into the hills, scattering the remains of non-human bodies.

The area was reportedly cordoned off by the military and ‘Men In Black’ style strangers while wreckage was recovered.

The bodies were said to have been discovered by Welsh police and that the British Government covered up the event.

Many experts claim an earthquake occurred, but there were no craters to back up their opinions.

The Cando event

Spain experienced its first major alleged UFO crash on the morning of January 18 1994.
Witnesses saw a huge sparking fireball – the size of a ‘full moon’ – in the sky over their village.
Later, a 200m gouge in a nearby hillside close was found, with trees displaced down the hill.
Opinions are divided about the causes of the explosion.

Some feel the incident might have been a blast of underground gases that vented into the air after the topsoil was removed.

Local residents, however, claim it was a UFO – creating conspiracy theories all over the country about alien activity.

Coyame UFO Incident

Passed down by word of mouth, and legends of mysterious letters sent by ex-government officials, the UFO story of Coyame began on the evening of August 25 1974.

US Air Defence radar detected a UFO heading for American airspace from the Gulf of Mexico.
But moments later it collided with a small civilian airplane and disappeared from radar.
The Mexican government is alleged to have sent a team to recover the plane after hearing about the crash – with spooky consequences.

US military personnel in Texas were monitoring radio traffic when the Mexicans suggested they had also recovered a shiny, silvery disk.

But things are said to have got even weirder as they returned to the base when they all dropped dead from unknown causes.

UFO researchers believe the soldiers were exposed to a lethal biological or chemical substance emanating from the crashed craft.

They say when US satellite surveillance and jet flyovers showed that the Mexicans had died, their recovery teams went in, recovered the ship and took the object back into the States.

Read more crashes here: http://coolinterestingstuff.com/ufo-crash-sites

Roswell, New Mexico, 1947

Perhaps accepted as the flagship story on all crashed UFO cases, a UFO reportedly suffered catastrophic damage from a storm while flying over Mr. Brazel's land in New Mexico. The next day, Mr. Brazel found a large wreckage field comprising a strange, lightweight metal that could not be cut or burnt. Additionally, small I-beams found in the wreckage contained strange hieroglyphics that could not be interpreted. Furthermore, downrange from Mr. Brazel's debris field, a crashed disk was sighted by several witnesses. Later on, this site was cordoned off by the military, and Mr Brazel was taken into custody by the military and ordered not to talk to anyone about the event. The Roswell paper published a dramatic story claiming that the military had retrieved an alien spacecraft.

Witnesses reportedly suggested the presence of 4 alien bodies around the crash site as well as a "living alien" being-all of whom were taken to a local mortuary from this crash site for investigation. Other witnesses would eventually come forth in the ensuing 40 years to confirm this story. Many believe that the crashed UFO as well as the bodies were taken away by the military for secret study. It has also been suggested that this incident was the motive force behind the formation of a secret government cabal charged with recovering, investigating and reverse-engineering downed alien craft and recovered alien beings.

There currently exists numerous books, reports, and other supporting evidence to support this incident. Lately, witnesses have "come out of the woodwork" after years of frightful silence (some on their deathbeds) to speak about their connections to this case. The government has since listed 4 unsatisfactory and separate explanations for this event.


Part 1: The Presidents and the Hard Evidence

Long before Harold Shermon wrote his famous 1946 book “The Green Man” about an alien visiting the earth, there were indications that key people inside the United States government had a crashed saucer in their possession.

According to one popular story, Roosevelt’s Secretary of State Cordell Hull showed his cousin Reverend Turner Hamilton Holt a craft and pickled alien bodies in the subbasement of the U.S. capitol.

Despite the lack of documents in presidential files there are strong indicators that the early Presidents were aware of UFO crashes and controlled the secrecy surrounding the subject. Many of the main men who were involved in rumored UFO crash retrievals were close to the President.

There is lack of supporting evidence which would clearly show the President’s role in crashed saucers. The reason for this is that the President is purposely kept clear of any paperwork. The President is kept up to date on events but much of it is done orally to prevent a traceable paper trail.

General Robert Landry, who was the Air Force aide to President Truman, discussed this protection mechanism in two oral history interviews that he gave to the Truman Library. General Landry said that part of his job was to brief the President on UFOs. He stated that this was done every three months from February 1948, when Landry came to the White House, and continued until Truman left office in January of 1953. This would have amounted to 19 or 20 briefings. Landry told the interviewer that the UFO briefing given to the President was always oral.

More evidence that Truman was being kept orally briefed on important UFO events comes when we look at the President’s role in the UFO crash at Roswell. There are no records White House files showing that he met with any of the key Roswell participants. However, the little evidence we have shows conclusively that he met “off the record” with at least two key Roswell participants.

The first was Edwin Easley who was the Provost Marshall at the Roswell Army Air Base. His job was to provide security at the UFO crash site. A check at the Truman Library will show no record that he ever talked to, corresponded with, or met with Truman.

However, when asked about what he saw at the crash site, Edwin always stated that he had promised Truman his silence. When he was on his deathbed in 1992 he broke his promise and admitted to his family that he had seen more than a weather balloon at the crash site. In a Roswell special done by the SciFi channel his daughter stated,

Whenever we would ask him about Roswell, he would simply tell us that he had promised President Truman that he would not talk about it, and he wouldn’t talk about it.


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 titanic1    244

In 1992, he was dying and already on high doses of morphine. My niece kept asking him, “Well Pappy – What did you see out there? What did you see? What did you see? And finally he said, “Creatures.”

General Roger Ramey is second example of a key player who has no White House record of ever having met with, talked, or corresponded with President Truman. He played a key role in Roswell, coming up with the weather balloon theory to cover up what had actually been found. Later in the second Truman term he led the debunking effort in front of the press corps after UFOs were spotted flying over the White House twice in July 1952.

Although the written official record shows no contact between Ramey and the President, an interview done with Ramey’s wife after his death showed that not only did the two meet, they were good friends and Truman and his wife had actually visited the Rameys on more than one occasion at their home in Fort Worth, Texas.

The interview was done by Major George Filer, a former intelligence officer in the United States Air Force. Filer told me,

Mrs. Ramey told me that she and her husband had been visited by Truman on several occasions. She indicated that they were quite friendly.

Major Filer further informed me that he had learned of another Truman connection to Roswell. That connection was that he had been “told by a Wright Patterson historian” that “Truman sent out award letters to the Wright Patterson Base Commander” following Roswell.

President Truman was the first president to actually have to publicly deal with the “UFO age.” He and the government of the day were scrambling to secretly put the pieces together so they could react to what most were viewing as a challenge to the security of America. What many don’t know is that those in charge of the American efforts were reaching out to other countries to help get an answer.

One of those countries that was “in the loop” was Canada. The fact that Canada was aware of the fact America possessed a crashed saucer is one of the many untold stories of Ufology.


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