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Obama’s Operation TERRORIZE

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There are several reasons for the dramatic uptick in false flag terror attacks throughout the U.S. homeland.  The primary reason is that the Obama Administration has been given orders by the World Shadow Government to execute a covert agenda the MO of which is to implement a purposeful ‘Strategy of Tension’ throughout the USA.

That’s it!  In a nutshell every mass shooting, bombing, assassination, etc. has been designed to substantially contribute to this calculated ‘Strategy of Tension’.  Regardless of which of the incessant black operations are real and which are fake, they still have the very same effect of instilling fear within the populace.  In fact, this ‘Strategy of Tension’ has been quite effective in producing an evolving form of cultural PTSD.


The Obama Administration is now engaged in a full-blown terrorist war on the American people

Certain rogue elements and organizations within the U.S. Federal Government have morphed into an international crime syndicate which is working diligently for foreign interests especially those that are of a globalist ilk.  Obama himself is nothing more than a front man who takes orders from his masters as the Sword of Damocles (fake birth certificate) forever hangs over his head.  His ‘perfectly’ sculpted image was manicured over decades so that the left side of the political demographic could be quite easily conscripted to do his bidding.  And so they have … wrecking and ruining the American Republic at every turn.

With each new terrorist event, Obama pushes the American people into a place of fear and anxiety.  Because the terror attacks are increasing in number and intensity they are having the effect of waking up many to their real purpose.  The collective intuition is catching on to the fact that all of them are staged; none of them are spontaneous.  That’s not to say a person with longstanding PTSD who goes off his meds or takes new powerful psychotropic drugs does not go postal from time to time (no disrespect to those who have any form of PTSD intended). However, these are not the incidents that make prime time evening news with endless commentary from the government-paid talking heads.

The final point is that We the People are currently engaged in a war … … … and very few of us know about it.  Therefore, the single best initiative an aware patriot can take at this time is telling those who don’t know what is really going on.  Shining the light of awareness on any scheme always makes it much more difficult for the perps to carry it out successfully. In this way each individual is called to disseminate, via the Internet and word of mouth, that these constant shootings and bombings are nothing but examples of Operation Terrorize.   Once they get that it is the U.S. Federal Government that is really doing it, just like they did 9/11, the people will start to change their response, particularly to those threats posed by the FEDs.

After all, Obama, Clinton & Company are now considered the biggest terrorist organization in the world.  Who doesn’t know that they created ISIS, ISIL, IS and the DAESH via the C.I.A., MI6 and the MOSSAD?


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