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Is the murder/suicide the next new rage in gun control?????

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Bandog sent via the Paypal messaging system: There seems to be a sudden rash of incidents being reported across the country where husband shoots wife (and sometimes children), then kills self. Maybe these are as reported, but other possibilities merit consideration: agent perps, mind control, theater, etc. After Orlando, mass shootings are not believable anymore, hence the possible change in tactics. Watch for cases where the husband was taking antidepressants, to further expand the gun grab (sorry to touch a nerve there). Sorry no links - I'm sure you understand why; please search on your own. God bless, Bandog

My response: That particular tactic could be used many ways. They could just go around killing people the NSA flags as being potential resistance to the New World order, Kill their entire families, just like the Bolshevik communists did, and then use the killings that they did to forward another agenda. That could be milked many different ways.

If the shooter did not survive, he cannot speak, and with the entire family dead, there are no witnesses. There is little doubt the murder/suicide is virtually always jack booted thugs kicking in the door and killing the entire family. Think about it - in the final crack down on the American people, do you really think it will go any other way? The murder/suicide is the perfect ruse to cover for police state tyranny. All those dead doctors? How did they really go? Surely they did not all just kill themselves. The NSA singled them out, the goons went on a tip, and the doctors took the rap all ways. With everyone dead, who's to say it was not a murder/suicide?

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