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Obama: No Matter What Court Says, I’m Still Not Enforcing Immigration Law

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 BigRed    150

Leave it to Obama not to let a silly little thing like a Supreme Court decision get in the way of an otherwise perfect plan to convert all his “undocumented Democrats” into “documented Democrats.” Once again Obama made it very clear that he has zero respect for the Constitution, the American people, or the rule of law.

Obama is going to do things his way, because he knows damn well no one is going to stop him. Is it any wonder why Ted Nugent said he wants Obama executed because, ‘He’s the Enemy of America?’ Obama has weakened this country in every way imaginable. He’s presided over the 4th worst economy in presidential history with economic growth not ONCE reaching even 3%, but instead averaging 1.5% thanks to his failed policies.


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6 hours ago, YourMom2 said:

Laws are for peasants!

FBI stooge Comey sent out the memo earlier this week.

And Justice Roberts allowed Obamacare to be the law of the land. DemoCons, RepubiCons, all con artists. Their wear different gang colors and talk the talk. But at the end of the doomsday, they all work for the NWO.

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