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Summer of Chaos Heating Up: Aryan Nation Readying for “Race War” (Video)

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KKK have mobilized.

This was the lower portion of Today’s New York Post (above)

Earlier today I asked the question, Will the July 7, 2016 Shooting Mark the Start of a Second US Civil War? Why? Because what happened in Dallas yesterday with the assassination of five police officers during a Black Lives Matter “protest” was not a random accident. It was intended to provoke a response. 

By the fact that the article below says the KKK are mobilizing, it looks like they got their response. It’s time Americans wake up and realize one of two things. Either 1) This is all part of larger plan being orchestrated by global elites and the puppet master himself, George Soros, which is intended to destabilize the country; or 2) I am a psychic, because I told you this would happen AT LEAST as early as March 21st. 


“UNDERSTAND SOMETHING: A former federal prosecutor with sources inside DHS has already said Obama plans to incite a race war this summer, and it’s looking more and more like President Barack Obama will use Martial Law to suspend the 2016 Presidential Elections as some have theorized…“

The following is from a post March 21st titled: End The Election Process and Begin Martial Law Are Goals of Soros’ Democracy Spring:

GrandMageri422 writes:

Will the “Democracy Spring” which George Soros and his moveon.org clan have named the protest, keep escalating and become more and more violent, to the point of Obama instating Martial Law and shutting down the elections?

This is the question in the minds of many people. Everything is calculated with this administration.  I’m certain that Obama and Soros have had many meetings about the strategy of these non- peaceful protests . The Constitution ensures that people may peacefully gather to protest – it is part of our First Amendment right. But blocking main roads to a political event is not considered “Peaceful.”

NEWS: When Obama Suspends 2016 Election, a Guide to Survive Martial Law (Videos)

Think about it; it’s only March.  If this “Democracy Spring” continues and becomes violent, I can see the White House stating that Martial Law must be called, and that elections at this time are not in the best interest of Americans.

George Soros funds all left wing/Communist uprisings. The typical low information American truly believes that these “spontaneous” events have no organization or funding behind them. Perhaps many do know that moveon.org and other left wing Soros funded organizations are behind these events; but I would say that most do not.


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My father has been dead for 10 years. For as long as I can remember he used to say there would be a race war some day. I always disagreed with him. I thought blacks would be crazy to take up arms against whites. Now, mmm. Dad was a smart man. And there are black communities near me, a lot more than whites ones. Most of my family live in Baton Rouge. 

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