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(((Marvel Comics))) Iron Man Character To Be Transformed Into Empowered Black Woman

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 rbear    240

Back in the day, little White boys were at least allowed to indulge in hobbies related to comic books without a care in the world.

While there were some subversive messages contained therein, largely due to Jewish influence, there was still a bit of decency afforded to the reader, although this began to die quite a while ago.

Now, get ready for the latest example of SJW engineering of the comic genre, courtesy of Jew writer Brian Michael Bendis, with the superhero Iron Man about to be transformed into something more befitting of a multicultural and multisexual society: a proud Black female genius.

Other diverse new comic book heroes include Ms. Marvel, a Muslim teenager, and a black Captain America.

cont infostormer


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Team Uzi   
Team Uzi

Don't they make shackles and chains out of iron?

Oh, the irony. Put the nigress in irons.


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