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The Stormer Report: A Cruel and Unusual Punishment

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Lee Rogers and Sven Longshanks return to provide commentary on a number of news stories taken from The Daily Stormer and InfoStormer.com.

Once again Andrew Anglin has had the ability to make financial transactions online removed from him. This is a cruel and unusual punishment, even the prisoners at Auschwitz were still allowed to purchase consumables at the work canteen, as the ability to trade is fundamental to human well-being. If this were to happen off-line and a bank was to refuse to take somebody’s money due to their politics, there would be an uproar and rightly so, yet because this happens online, the law has not yet caught up with it and the Jews can get away with it. You would think the same rules applied, but apparently not if your politics differ to those of the establishment.

Lee points out that this action of theirs highlights the extent of Jewish power, how a long line of payment processors have all crumbled before them and carried out their bidding. It is not ‘a canard’ that the Jews have undue influence in banking, they control all of it and this latest attempt to shut down the Stormer is proof of that. more cont download mp3 (01:06:37) article continues here DS


Here is the thing also. They are doing this to a military service man, Andrew. Where are all the patriots supporting this man?

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