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Trump Tweet TRUE! — It’s no (((coincidence))) that Hillary's top seven donors are all Jewish!

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Dr. Duke on Trump’s “corrupt Hillary” tweet — It’s no (((coincidence))) that her top seven donors are all radical Jewish-Tribalist Zios!

Today Dr. Duke addressed the tweet released over the weekend by Donald Trump that contained a graphic of Hillary against a background of money and the words “most corrupt politician ever” inside a six-pointed star. This created an uproar from the Zio-media, which accused Trump of anti-semitism e to the six-pointed star. Of course, campaign finance records show that in fact Hillary’s top contributors are ALL JEWISH RADICAL TRIBALISTS!

The (((top seven donors))) to Pro-Hillary super-pacs
George Soros    $8,000,000
James Simons    $3,500,000
Herbert M. Sandler    $2,500,000
Cheryl Saban    $2,500,000
Haim Saban    $2,500,000
Donald Sussman    $2,500,000
Daniel Abraham    $2,000,000
Source: Federal Election Commission. 
As of February 29, 2016 con t  davidduke.com

or download here 7/5/16 air date 

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You're supposed to feel sorry for them....they're so persecuted.....to the point that they have more money to bribe politicians than the goyim.

How did they become so filthy rich? Hmmmm.

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