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Russian Scientists Announce Discovery of Industrial Biochemical Method of Elemental Transmutation

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 roamer    721

This invention is either a blockbuster or an elaborate hoax ...


Gathered in a corporate partnership called "Actinides", Vladislav Karabanov - administrator of the group and inventors Tamara Sakhno and Viktor Kurashov, claim to have created a revolutionary new method of transmutation of chemical elements through biochemistry. This approach would artificially produce many valuable and most valuable chemical elements and their isotopes from other chemical elements biochemically without the use of atomic reactors, cyclotrons, highly enriched uranium or heavy water. The method does not represent any threat to the environment or personnel. Its effectiveness in comparison to traditional methods is enormous.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/presentation-of-biochemical-method-of-elements-transmutation-300283573.html

See also: http://www.e-catworld.com/2016/06/27/rus...onference/



Authors of the invention developed an industrial method of biochemical elements transmutation. That is, the artificial obtaining of certain chemical elements and their isotopes from other chemical elements with biochemical method. Without need of the reactors, cyclotrons, without use of enriched Uranium, heavy water, etc. Safe for environment and personnel. The method is possible to use for 100% deactivation of nuclear waste.

The method and the results are verified and confirmed by hundreds of tests on modern equipment. Analyses were carried out by independent experts - chemists - analysts, professors. Acts of analyzes available. The results are patented by Russian Patent Department, patent RU 2563511 dated 25 August 2015.

We have conducted more than 2000 experiments, and got stable results.

Source: http://bt-isotopes.com/


Edit: I found an interesting comment below the e-catworld article:


Victor Romanovskiy • 7 days ago

History of biological transumtation's research has long history from
alchemists to modern time. It was recently overviewed by J.P. Biberian
in one of the JCMNS' volume. This idea was brought to modern science by
French scientist Kervran (mid. 20 century). V Vysotsky et al. have
intensively studied biological transmutations at least since 1990-s too.
His work is well known and was published in journals, conference
proceedings and monographs. This field (biological transmutation) is
not a scam.


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