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Texas Inspired by Brexit, Aims To Break Away From The United States By 2018

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 BigRed    150

A roller coaster ride has just begun!

Britain has voted to exit the European Union. This has been abbreviated simply as Brexit. Since the vote, many things have happened. The pound is falling against the dollar. There have been reports of some businesses wanting to move from the country. The stock market has been affected. The country seems to be in a confusion state. Currently, some people are backing an online petition for a second vote.

But as the chaos is going on in Britain; in the United States, some citizens of a particular state in the country are determined to also test the waters in order to break away just like Britain has done.

In the state of Texas, the pro-secessionist movement, known as the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), has asked state governor Greg Abbott to answer an appeal. The appeal will ensure that the state goes to the ballot box in 2018, to determine whether to break away from the rest of the United States, or not.

The TNM is very confident that when their appeal is considered for the vote, Texas will be an independent republican nation in 2018.

TNM claims to have over 200,000 people supporting the movement online. The movement has called on more people in the state to join, to bring pressure on Governor Abbott to allow a vote on independence from the bureaucracy of the United States federal government.

The movement has also increased its activities on social media to garner more support.  RT English News reports that the movement has managed to get over 200,000 likes on Facebook.


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 YourMom2    1,354

Here's the source article:


And here's the yahoo article loaded with comments from morons that actually support why it's a good idea to Texit. They endlessly complain about a divided united states but have no clue how it got that way. A Texit would snowball through the confederate states who already realize that DC has been pushing for Civil War 2.0 for decades.


Leaving at first would be VERY painful even if DC didn't declare war and send the military in but in 10 years time we'd probably have a robust economy that would be the envy of the other states.

Here's a comment from the first link: Got silver?

The Texas Gold Depository will be finished in 2017. Texas has managed to get 623,000 oz of gold back from the New York Fed. Another installment of 400,000 oz. is due when the depository opens which will amount to about 1 BILLION dollars. Texas has also acquired its own mint for coinage. I have not heard anything about a press to print notes as of this date. The point is, only SOVERIGN NATIONS have gold and silver depositories. This was done by several major Texas University Endowments who obviously do not trust the Federal Banking System with their funds. I believe Gov. Abbott is sympathetic to the cause, because Texas has already had several run ins with bureaucracies such as the BLM over the Red River boundary. We need to start a massive letter writing campaign to our State Reps and Senate as to why a TEXIT is necessary. If we all write one letter every two weeks, I believe they will take notice. If not, we vote them out.

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 Quick1966    1,220

Lol! I hope this does happen. Texas is the only state that I believe can break free from DC. It's the only state with its own power grid and oil so I say go for it!

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 rbear    240

The NWO can not survive without Texas. Search this forum for post about Texas, many of which I posted with videos. 

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