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Senate approves Texas open carry bill, handing it off to House

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AUSTIN — An hours-long debate over gun legislation once again roiled the Senate on Friday, as Republicans moved closer to allowing Texans with the appropriate license to carry handguns openly in a shoulder or belt holster.

That step on a 19-12 vote came despite some continued Democratic opposition and the drama of an extended debate about adding a divisive amendment to bar police officers from stopping someone who is openly carrying just to see if they had the proper license.

The House now just needs to concur with some minor changes before the bill can be sent to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

“This bill has been worked on and worked on,” said Sen. Craig Estes, R-Wichita Falls, who sponsored the legislation. “This is something the people of Texas can use and need.”





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 Lucy Barnable    2,656

This doesn't make sense to me.
The point of open carry is that you don't need a licence.
If you have to go through the hassle to get a permit why not get concealed carry?

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 A    38

Don't know the actual why of it but I'm guessing it will help the CHL crowd in that as of now in Texas it is a crime to let your concealed weapon be seen or even print under your clothing.  Legalizing open carry for CHL holders lessens the likelihood of being charged for such things.  Also makes sense for times in the outback when you need more than an easily concealed mouse gun.  Much easier to open carry a large powerful handgun especially in summer clothes.  

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