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Gary Johnson (Is he this naive?)

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 YourMom2    1,282

Capturing votes from the corrupt 2-party system? Why would anyone in their right mind want to be a politician unless they expected to gain something from it like more money or more power?

The only way to get rid of the oligarchs (and lobbyists) is to throw them all out and institute a lottery. Like jury duty, you go serve your term and then you're done. Middle class pay, no freebies, etc. Imagine how few laws would get written.

Oh, and an IQ score of 90 and above as an absolute requirement.

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 Scorpion    82

Gary Johnson is just another pawn in the 2-party system..The guy polled less than 1% in the last presidential election.  The mainstream media, trying to pull votes away from Trump, has been reporting that he's magically polling 12% for the upcoming election.  

Bottom line:  Of course we can expect him to say stupid things in favor of the status quo. This is the same bunch that's propping him up, albeit for their own benefit.

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I usually vote Libertarian but I can't vote for him.  He's said a few stupid things this time around that have totally turned me off.  Hillary may or may not have had criminal intent (I am sure her intent was criminal, she knew what she was doing), but the fact is that others have done far less and have gotten in far more trouble.  She deserves jail.  

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