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Ectogenesis The Artificial Womb

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 Cinnamon    14,646

LOL What can they do with this?  Perhaps they'll stop kidnapping children for human sacrifices and use these instead?  All they need is access to an egg and sperm bank.  What could possibly go wrong?  Yeah, yeah, this will enable couples to have children without a surrogate... but is there no consideration for the process of life in the womb?  Who knows what will come out of this?  But, like everything else, f*** it!  It'll be a money maker! 

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 Malevolent    1,973

This to my mind is evil!  Here is a "machine" that can churn out human babies for all kinds of "research" and they'd have no support system.  Effectively become the replacement for animals used.  Those planned parenthood freaks must be licking their evil lips at this possibility..


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