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Thunder god vine' may hold key to effective obesity drug

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BOSTON, May 22 (UPI) -- An extract called celastrol from the Chinese "thunder god vine" may help with weight loss, according to a new study, by enhancing an appetite-suppressing hormone called leptin.

Researchers found that mice given high doses of the extract ate as much as 80 percent less and lost 45 percent of their weight after three weeks.


"During the last two decades, there has been an enormous amount of effort to treat obesity by breaking down leptin resistance, but these efforts have failed," Umut Ozcan, an endocrinologist at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, said in a statement.

"The message from this study is that there is still hope for making leptin work, and there is still hope for treating obesity. If Celastrol works in humans as it does in mice, it could be a powerful way to treat obesity and improve the health of many patients suffering from obesity and associated complications, such as heart disease, fatty liver, and type 2 diabetes."




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Eating 80% less is never a good thing. Our food these days is so badly devoid of proper nutrition,
that even if eating the full 100%, you would probably still be badly undernourished. Also, losing almost
half of your body weight? Not good. Bottom line, this is no better than a crash diet.

If you want to lose weight safely, and really get those cells and hormones back in their full working order,
you have to bump heads up against the conventional ways of thinking. Sad part is these things have been,
known for ages, but have been silenced by high carb and low fat sickness promoting pushers.

Short answer: Saturated Fats!

Slightly longer answer: High saturated fat, moderate protein, very low carb.
Fats should be 70% to 75%, but not trans fats ever!
By doing this your bad cholesterol will fall to half while good cholesterol will rise dramatically!
And your triglycerides will fall so far and so fast, it'll make your head spin.
Been having problems with erectile dysfunction for you men, or lack of desire you women?
Problem solved. Cholesterol is needed for your sex hormones. Yep, that's right!
You'll also lose weight fast and safely, and even still build muscle in your workouts with much less protein.
...and much more!

Don't believe me? Try it an see for yourself!
you'll lose twice as much weight in just two weeks than half of what you'd gain on high carb and low fat!

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 Lilly    91

I've heard good things about TGV before. Damned if I can remember what they were though.

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