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UFO reverse engineering

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For over sixty years the UFO phenomenon has been capturing our imagination. In this time, all attempts at "reverse engineering" the putative craft have been futile. During the first decade or so, many researchers were inspired to work with the stereotypical "disc" shape and many attempts were made to develop prototypes of a flying "disc" while studying its aerodynamics. As a fourteen year old, I was also inspired to explore these issues to their inevitable dead end.
It was clear from the litany of conforming evidence that we were dealing with apparent magnetic field effects. But back in the 1960s, that revelation did not get us very far, no matter how clever we thought our knowledge of materials and electromagnetism. My first book report, in my junior year at high school, was on Keyhoe's book UFOs Are Real, which is still likely as good as it gets.


All that has changed now. Recent discoveries have finally paved the road to the reverse engineering of the UFO.

In the sixties, we faced two deal breakers with the UFO phenomenum. We had no answer for lift and no good answer for energy supply except a hand wave at fusion energy. We did have an answer for motive power and controls in the form of magnetic field management, provided the craft was light enough and/or the generated magnetic field was strong enough. Computer power sufficient to tackle this type of configuration was certainly on the horizon then.

Today we can reverse engineer the UFO as a design concept and catch up to the implementing technology


If you examine recent history, even without particular attention, you should notice pretty soon that in the last fifty years there has been a technological breakthrough that has led to impressive inventions that were absolutely unimaginable just a few years earlier. In many cases, moreover, we haven’t witnessed a step by step evolution due to a series of progressive achievements but, on the contrary, a lot of discoveries seemingly have come out of nowhere. Thinking about these inventions as something 100% terrestrial would be totally legitimate, if only the former head of the Foreign Technology Division at the Pentagon, U.S. Army Colonel Philip J. Corso, had not related a completely different story that not only showed in a plausible way how it was possible to make these outstanding discoveries, but also fitted perfectly the overall framework of the Roswell affair.



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