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See how easily a rat can climb up your toilet

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 titanic1    244


Yes, Rats Can Swim Up Your Toilet. And It Gets Worse Than That.

They eat our food. They furnish their nests with our detritus. They chew through our sheet metal, our lead pipes and our concrete. They outsmart us at every turn. They are our shadow, our enemy, our next door neighbor.    —”Rat City!” Spy magazine, 1988

Rats’ superpowers are near-mythical: They can swim for three days. They can fit through holes the size of a quarter. They’ve even been said to have no solid bones, just cartilage (definitely false, and I can’t confirm whether they can collapse their ribcages). I looked to science for the truth. But I was surprised by the dearth of studies on the Norway rat—the common city rat, Rattus norvegicus—in the wild (the wild in this case being any city on Earth). Despite our long human history with lab rats, we know very little about the lives of the rats in our homes.


In fact, as veterinary scientist Chelsea Himsworth told me, “We probably know more about the ecology of polar bears than we do about rats.” Himsworth is studying how rats spread disease in cities as part of the Vancouver Rat Project.


Yes, rats can enter your house through the plumbing pipes, and then up through your toilet bowl. It is not common, but it does happen. Imagine opening the toilet lid, and seeing a fat brown rat sitting there! I get emails about this very scenario from time to time. Most commonly it's the Norway Rat, or Brown Rat, which prefer underground urban areas, sewers, and enter the plumbing system. These rats are great climbers and can hold their breath to get through the p trap and other waterlogged areas. If you have a grate or valve installed on your plumbing outflow, you are not at risk. 


You might think that you can flush a rat down the toilet, but it'd be more likely to jump out than get flushed down. Once inside the house, you've got to trap the rat, or hope your pet cat will get it, because it won't go back down the toilet water. If you see your toilet paper being eaten at night, maybe a rat is doing it, but it probably didn't come up through the commode. Some people think you can prevent a rat in this situation with a toilet guard. I've got to be honest though, rats in the toilet are very rare. It's certainly not something that would keep me up at night! But read below for a couple of email examples I've received about rats in the toilet bowl in NYC, London, and other areas. 


Now you have something to think about next time you are sitting there reading a magazine hahahahaha


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 roadtoad2    86

In Okinawa, we had a Habu snake, a constrictor, climb up out of a toliet, and killed a woman. In 1977, i think.

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