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True story of The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp S. Carolina

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The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp (also known as the Lizard Man of Lee County) is a reptilian humanoid cryptid which is said to inhabit areas of swampland in and around Lee County, South Carolina along with the sewers in towns near the swamp.

First sighting
The first reported sighting of the horrifying lizard creature was made by Christopher Davis, a 17-year-old local, who said he encountered the creature while driving home from work at 2 AM on June 29, 1988.

According to his account, Davis stopped on a road bordering Scape Ore Swamp in order to change a tire which had blown out. When he was finishing up he reported having heard a thumping noise from behind him and having turned around to see a large 7 foot tall creature running towards him.

Davis said the creature tried to grab at the car and then jumped on its roof as he tried to escape, clinging on to it as Davis swerved from side to side in an effort to throw it off.

After he returned home, Davis’ side-view-mirror was found to be badly damaged, and scratch marks were found on the car’s roof, though there was no other physical evidence of his encounter.

Another Car attacked
Prior to Chris Davis coming forward to report his encounter, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office was called to the scene of a strange instance of vehicle damage. On the morning of July 14, 1988, deputies made their way to the residence, which was located in a small rural community known as Browntown on the outskirts of Bishopville, South Carolina.

When they arrived, homeowners Tom and Mary Waye showed them the vehicle in question. Police found that the chrome molding had been torn away from the fenders, the sidewalls were scratched and dented, the hood ornament was broken, the antenna was bent, and even some wires from the motor had been ripped out. Upon closer inspection, it appeared that parts of the molding had actually been chewed, as if an animal had used its teeth to inflict the damage.

The Sheriff reports on the monster
To further support the animal theory, the Wayes pointed out clumps of reddish colored hair and muddy footprints that had been left all over the car. While Sheriff Truesdale was investigating the car, locals informed him there might yet be another, more bizarre possibility.

“While we were there looking over this situation, we learned that people in the Browntown community had been seeing a strange creature about seven feet tall with red eyes,” Truesdale told us. “Some of them described it as green, but some of them as brown. They thought it might be responsible for what happened.


A new image has emerged claiming to show a mythical creature believed to live in a South Carolina swamp.

The Lizard Man is believed to be a 7ft reptile-like monster which dwells in Scape Ore Swamp, near the small town of Bishopville.

The creature was reportedly first spotted 30 years ago but has not been seen for more than a decade.

But a woman from nearby Sumter believes she has caught Lizard Man on camera.

Sarah Berra says she was at church with a friend last Sunday when she stepped outside and caught a glimpse of the fabled creature running along the tree line.

She says she managed to grab her mobile phone and snap a picture of the monster.

In an email to ABC News 4, she said: "My hand to God, I am not making this up. So excited!"

The image shows a very muscular upright, human-like creature with three clawed toes on each foot and clawed fingers.



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 Malevolent    2,904

The possibility of this and other creatures existing is quite real.  However the human imagination has a tendency to run wild at times.  We do sometimes  exaggerate the images we see in order to put more emphasis on it.  Again the emotional "milking" comes to mind.

here is another compiled report  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHRHvEvoFUE

On a side note: Would you trust a Sheriff with an ill fitting "rug" on his head?  - WTF makes people wear this sh!t in the first place?

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 Cinnamon    24,379
18 minutes ago, FalkeAuge said:

On a side note: Would you trust a Sheriff with an ill fitting "rug" on his head?  - WTF makes people wear this sh!t in the first place?


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