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Peter Schiff and Jim Rogers on the U.S. Economy: Be Afraid… Be Very Afraid (Videos)

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 BigRed    150

At what point will Americans wake up and decide to take notice that the country is on fire? As a matter of fact, the country is a blazing inferno right now, and just because Obama and his lackeys in the mainstream media say the heat people feel is the result of a perfectly sunny day without a cloud in the sky, DOESN’T make it so!

While fools listening to Obama with talk about his “recovery” got their financial clocks cleaned on “Black Friday,” do you know who made a fortune while Brexit crashed the global economy? George Soros did. That should not surprise anyone the least bit who has even the slightest understanding about what is ACTUALLY happening economically. More on that below…

As Peter Schiff points out in the first video below, the same people Gold Core referred to as “less informed money” BEFORE the Brexit market crash, should probably be referred to as “completely clueless money” now. Sure, some of the market turmoil we’re experiencing right now is the immediate aftermath effect of Brexit, but don’t be fooled! The underlying root causes of America’s economic woes have NOTHING to do with Brexit. In the video, Peter does his best to warn “less informed money” not to be duped by the coming head fake the Fed and Democrats are going to try to pull. 

At this stage of the election cycle, it’s all but a certainty the Fed has a ZERO percent chance of raising interest rates even one time this year, let along the 4-6 times originally forecasted at the beginning of 2016. Why? Janet Yellen is the Fed Chair, and an appointee of Barack Obama. Yellen also fancies herself a team player on Team “Hope and Change,” so you can be sure she’ll do whatever it takes to make it look like the Fed’s policies have worked under President Obama, in order to give Hillary the best chance to win in November. 

This close to the election, there is no upside to raising interest rates. At best, raising them would be a serious risk to the economy, but more likely raising them would have catastrophic consequences, so it’s never going to happen.


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