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Danger: Artificial Intelligence Fighter Pilots Easily Beat U.S. Fighter Pilots in Simulations (Video)

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 BigRed    150

You saw the title about autonomous fighter pilots and you probably thought I was going to bring up the Terminator movies right? Well, I am. Think about it. If this story about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) pilots beating human pilots is already in the media, that means top secret government black ops are a decade past what you’re about to read, and that’s at the bare minimum. The ‘good folks’ at DARPA are likely far more ahead than that. 

My first inclination is to write an in depth post about all the technology already in existence most people don’t even know about (or could imagine), provide videos to actually prove the technology really does exist, and then paint the larger picture of just how quickly this technology can spiral out of control, but sometimes less is more. Anyone who wants to learn more, links will be provided within this post and at the end. 

To start, for more on some of the crazy technology currently available (much of it thanks to DARPA and Google), be sure to check out posts like, The Defense Department’s DARPA Deploying New Autonomous Killer Drones, and NSA Actually Has Program “SKYNET” and It Might Be Labeling Innocent People As Terrorists.

Since we have confirmation that A.I. pilots can “easily” defeat human pilots, the following video should begin to put you on edge a bit. It may sound a bit like “science fiction,” but then again, virtually anything going on at the Defense Department’s Top Secret DARPA actually IS science fiction to the rest of us. The video talks about DARPA seeking technology that would allow killer drones to act as one, using a “Borg Like” hive mind. 

Good thing that technology doesn’t exist right? Or does it now? The video was made in 2014,


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