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False Flag Banking Virus To Roll Out Marshall Law?

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Susanne Posel has burst onto the scene of late with startling claims. She says informants from Deutsche Bank and the US military told her that if a computer virus does shut down all banks everywhere, then you have 72 hours until soldiers start breaking down doors. She says if you are on a list of people in the resistance, you ought not to be home waiting for the soldiers to disarm you to shoot you or to take you away to the concentration camps.

In terms of a time frame Max Keiser said the economy must collapse by the end of April 2013 when US income taxes are due. The government has been lying about the economy, the unemployment rate and inflation. But tax collections do not lie. The 2013 income tax returns will tell the world to dump the dollar starting with US treasury bonds which will be downgraded by ratings agencies.  This will spike interest rates and push America into the Hyperinflation I have been predicting.


If they  shut down the banks, they will also shut down the Internet so we cannot communicate with each other. I would emphasize that you need to script what you will do as if you were on a football team. Everyone in your local network needs to go to a rendezvous point to start the resistance if it is needed.

Given the behavior of the United States government AND of the People who think they own the government, a Computer Virus Bank Holiday is entirely plausible.

I have been noticing the accelerating number of computer glitches around the world shutting down insolvent banks. Some banks in Italy shut down for 30 days.  I just read a story where J P Morgan admitted that they have at least 150 billion dollars in worthless assets. They also have 92 billion dollars in potential losses from futures and CDS. There are also an accelerating number of outright thefts of personal accounts as in MF Global. If there is a Universal Virus Bank Holiday, then they can balance their losses by just stealing your savings.

The problem with martial law scenarios is that the government needs to shut down the Internet so we cannot respond. That is why I think it is more likely that they will attempt to do several things at once. They could say, we will shut down the Internet because those dirty hackers have sent a virus into your bank. They announce that they are sending troops into the streets to help the poor get through the first 72 hours at their local FEMA center.


The Department of Homeland Security has announced purchases totaling 1.4 billion rounds of 40 caliber hollow point bullets. DHS also bought mobile armored pillboxes for highway checkpoints. They have bought lots of incinerators for those FEMA camps with each one capable of cremating tens of thousands of Americans every week. The Army has manuals on gun confiscation from American civilians. The Army also has manuals on running re-education camps for Americans. The bankers are serious about martial law.


Currency Collapse By Cyber Attack

In large part, prepping is a spectator sport in that most of us enjoy watching others participate in it while we wonder which day we will begin to store food, water, guns and bullets. Last fall, DHS and FEMA participated in a series of cyber security drills in which the banks fell victim to a cyber attack and all banking records were destroyed. If you cannot prove how many computer digits you have in the bank, then you will own none of the computer digits. Americans will try to present paper records to prove their case, but the banks and the government will dismiss your paperwork as a fraud or lacking proof that you did not spend your money in between the time of your written bank statement and the cyber attack. In short, if you have your money in the bank, at the time of the collapse, you will effectively own nothing. You will have no way to pay your rent, mortgage and buy food. You will be at the complete mercy of the state. Famine will be the quick result of this kind of false flag attack. Hordes of looters will go house to house and neighborhood to neighborhood seeking life-sustaining resources. The need for martial law will be immediate. If you want to eat, you will go to a “community center” where you will be promised “three hots and a cot”. This represents how most people will be rounded up. A currency collapse set into motion by a cyber attack upon the banks is my number one choice as to the nature of the coming set of false flag attacks.

Currency Collapse Caused by a Stock Market Crash

This kind of crash would actually be quite simple to engineer as the super elite would simply have to simultaneously pull their money out of the market, as they did in 1929, and the overinflated market would sink like a lead balloon. A stock market collapse will destroy the banks thanks to the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act which prevented people from borrowing to get into the market. The related housing market would also collapse. Credit would quickly dry up and grocery chains and farmers alike will no longer be able to afford to ship food and all would go broke. Food would begin to rot on the farms. Famine would result along with the accompanying social chaos. The need to put the country under martial law for the protection of the citizens would become be welcomed . What did Kissinger say about controlling food and then controlling people? Currency collapse caused by a stock market collapse is my second choice.


Attacking the Power Grid

If the powers that be determine that an economic crisis would produce the panicked citizen reaction to a currency collapse, then a more dramatic plan of attack is needed. Taking down the power grid, according to both Congressman Trent Franks and the Naval War College would result in 90% of the country being dead within 24 months with 60% of the population dying off  within a year. An EMP attack would completely subjugate the country, but at what cost? The infrastructure would be destroyed and it would take years to rebuild. An EMP attack upon the power grid would be the act of an extreme psychopathic mind. Just when I was ready to dismiss this possibility, I began to think about the Hunger Games trilogy. A series of Capitol cities would exist in which the people would continue to struggle for survival. The basic blueprint for Agenda 21 would be in place as we witnessed in Suzanne Collins’ work. The major drawback to this event would be that if the intent was to create martial law as a prelude to World War III a destroyed infrastructure does not lend itself to a sustained war effort.

Chemical and/or Biological Attack

A series of chemical and/or biological attacks at select places around the country would leave the country healthy enough to fight a war, but also provide the excuse to usher in martial law. The disadvantage to this approach is that the puppet masters would have the task of controlling and maintaining secrecy among a large number of co-conspirators who would have to be eliminated. This kind of attack would open up the opportunity to get people into the new “community centers” (i.e. FEMA camps) for the purpose of obtaining life-saving vaccinations as well as food and water.T hat is when the real nightmare begins.

A Nuclear “Terrorist” Attack

At one time, this kind of event would have been high up on my list. However, the military is not in support of this and have worked to keep nuclear weapons out of the control of this administration which explains why over 260 senior military command officers have been fired by Obama including the entire leadership of the nuclear weapons program. Although this event remains a possibility, this event seems less likely as time goes on.


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A computer virus on the whole entire banking cartel...that's so ludicrous or .... did I mean lucrative?  I'm sure they're using the most secure version of Microsoft elitist Windows.  They just upgraded a whole bunch of Windows XP ATMs to something that enhanced the virus transmitting experience. Don't forget about the Microsoft tax you pay one every new purchase of equipment.  That's like taxing us more to pay off the war debt.  Where's the money going to come from?  I don't think they're even concerned with paying off war debt anymore.  These power hypocrites have war chests of money, so why don't they pay for their own mistakes instead of thinking they get to keep it all?  We who didn't have anything to do with it are expected to pay for it, so they can keep their dirty loot.  I think the first executions should start at the top.  They use these war chests to make sure they stay in power so that the vicious cycle keeps continuing.  It's past time to break up the futile system.  We don't owe our government a living.  I'm tired of paying for our government's incompetence.  As far as they see it, it's the gift that keeps on giving.  I can't believe our government spends more time, money, and effort conspiring against us.  Kissing up to a charismatic leader that was actively seeing to it every waking moment to make sure that absolute power was demanded is disgusting.  Their "solutions" to their conjured "problems" are just what they want to hear as they would have to get the power they desire as they further push people aside.  

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