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I think it's time "authorities" and MEDIA look at Chicago shootings

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 Cinnamon    14,353

The number of people killed in Chicago every weekend should be legendary. But it's not!  The media is too focused on events that will work toward the taking of guns from law abiding people.  Obviously, local news has to pay attention to this to some degree, but my guess is there will be at least 75 people killed/wounded over this holiday weekend and barely a peep out of the cable news channels.  



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 Jostler    2,210

Your estimate may prove to be too conservative Cinnamon... 3 dead and 21 injured and we haven't even gotten past Friday night yet:

Chicago's top cop 'sick and tired' of violence; more officers hit streets


Within the past 24 hours, three people had died and 21 more were wounded in violence across the city: this on the eve of the July Fourth weekend, typically one of the most violent holiday weekends of the year.


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 rbear    240

Its because, its all by design. I am not sure exactly when, but from watching some documentaries about it, I would say maybe 70's-80's (prob closer). HUD and those multi story buildings. Heck the (lets say bad kids because they were) would be like 12 and have already $150,000 in cash from selling dr(gs). According to the video, when they got that, there is no mum because "hey shut up, I got more money than you, I'm grown". Then again, life expectancy shown to be about 18-19 years. Later they dismantled some of the hud housing (like 12 story buildings) and put them on different blocks so they could do turf wars. Same as LA, Compton, different gang on each street. Drive the wrong color car down the wrong neighborhood, a message has to be sent. Often the message is you go 404, or after the bullets, you are paralyzed or d3 ad. If they really wanted to do something about this, they would. Clearly, they do not as some of the documentaries I watched shown. Its amazing what youtube has.

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