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Huge newfound deposit of helium will keep MRI scanners running

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 five    301

By Andy Coghlan

Prospectors have discovered a massive source of helium gas, which is vital for making MRI scanners and the Large Hadron Collider work.

Supplies of helium – one of the world’s lightest gases – have been running short, prompting calls to ban it from leisure use in balloons so dwindling sources can be given over to scientific and medical use. Now, for the first time, a team has systematically tracked down a huge new reserve of the gas.

The reserve, discovered beneath the Great Rift Valley in Tanzania, is so large it could fill about 600,000 Olympic swimming pools.

“No helium has been found deliberately before,” says Chris Ballentine of the University of Oxford, joint head of the team reporting the find this week at the Goldschmidt geochemistry conference in Yokohama, Japan. “This discovery makes it very likely that similar systems can be investigated and, where the geology works in the same way, more helium deposits will be found,” he says.

cont: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2095196-huge-newfound-deposit-of-helium-will-keep-mri-scanners-running/

Wonderful news for balloon enthusiasts!

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 Guitar Doc    1,203

Helium is also found in oil wells which have radioactive isotopes.

That is one of the major US sources.

In NZ we have a source which comes straight out of the ground near Cardrona ski field. The US controls Helium by restricting their allies from using or accessing sources not controlled by the US oil corporations.

Political restrictions by the USA stop NZ from taping the pure helium source we have and supplying it to the world which would drop the price.

The USA is the intelligence and military partner of NZ but they treat us like dirt. I can't imagine how they would treat us if we were enemies.

Edited by Guitar Doc

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