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The Aztec New Mexico UFO Crash

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Summary/Description: On March 25, 1948, a UFO was detected and picked up on their scopes by three separate and strategically located radar units in the southwestern part of the United States. It is theorized that [the beam from one of the radars] had some kind of effect on the central control system of the flying object, for immediately it seemed to go out of control. The following is an in-depth overview of the crash and subsequent recovery of a UFO and sixteen humanoid occupants near Aztec, New Mexico.


It was the columnist Frank Scully who first alerted the world to sensational stories of recovered flying saucers and little men in his best-selling book Behind the Flying Saucers published in 1950. Scully claimed that up to that time there had been four such recoveries, one of which was alleged to have taken place around Aztec, New Mexico, when sixteen humanoid bodies were recovered together with their undamaged craft. According to Scully’s informants, the disk that landed near Aztec was 99.99 feet in diameter, its exterior made of a light metal resembling aluminum but so durable that no amount of heat (up to 10,000 degrees was applied) or diamond-tipped drill had the slightest effect. The disk apparently incorporated large rings of metal which revolved around a central, stabilized cabin, using an unfamiliar gear ratio. There were no rivets, bolts, screws or signs of welding. Investigators were eventually able to gain entry. Scully was told, because of a fracture in one of the portholes, which they enlarged, revealing a knob inside the cabin which when pushed (with a pole) caused a hidden door to open. Sixteen small humanoids, ranging in height from 36 to 42 inches, were supposedly found dead inside the cabin, their bodies charred to a dark brown color. Scully was told that the craft landed undamaged, having landed under its own guidance. The craft was eventually dismantled, the investigators having discovered that it was manufactured in segments which fitted in grooves and were pinned together around the base. The complete cabin section, measuring 18 feet in diameter was lifted out of the base of the saucer, around which was a gear that fitted a gear on the cabin. These segments, together with the bodies, were then transported to Wright Field (Wright Patterson AFB). Some of the bodies were later dissected and examined by the Air Force, and were found to be similar in all respects to human beings, with the exception of their teeth, which were perfect.



From some witnesses we spoke to, the very  next day after the crash, the government bought up  the  property from the local land owners.
Witnesses  in Aztec told us that they observed covered military trucks going in and out of the area for days after the crash.
On the Road 'Searching for UFO's' with Brad and Mary

One of the most secretive Alien Crash Sites is found right in Aztec, N.M. While the world is looking at Roswell, more should start focusing on Aztec to uncover Alien
Description of Crashed Disc:

99.99 feet in diameter
Exterior:  light metal resembling aluminium but so durable that no amount of heat or diamond drilling had any effect. (If this is correct, then former reports of the ship being transported to Wright 
Patterson AFB are unlikely. 1. Couldn't have been disassembled and 2. Based on the location of the site it would have been very difficult to have moved it. Looking at picture above, it seems more 
likely it was buried underground with the substation built acting as camoflaug.)

The disc apparently incorporated large rings of metal which revolved around a central stabilized cabin. There were no rivets, bolts, screws or signs of welding. ( Reportedly Investigators were 
eventually able to gain access to the craft by pushing a knob with a long pole through a porthole which caused a hidden door to open).

Frank Scully claims there were 16 aliens found within the vehicle. Humanoid appearance with heights ranging from 36 to 42 inches. All dead.
1987 william Steinman states he found further evidence supporting Scully's claim but with a slight deviation as to the total number of bodies. His sources informed him there were only 14 bodies. 
Adding that the crash occurred on March 25 and as detected by 3 seperate radar centers.


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