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When the light is extinguished!

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 Ukshep    13,192

When the light is extinguished!

A Small flame flickers in the distance, its orange hue visible through the brush. The bats are squeeking and i am inquisitive. So i enter the brush and fight to the other side. I stand alone looking toward the flickering light that has transfixed my gaze. Unable to stray from the path i move closer. My vision becomes hazy as my pupils adjust to the light. As i crouch in front of the flame i realize i am looking at my own inner self. The squeeking abruptly halts and a mysterious figure approaches. She looks me in the eyes and says it is time. She extinguishes the flame before me and takes my hand. Leading me into the darkness of the woodland. As she leads me away my body sheds its flesh and i become ethereal in nature slowly dissipating in the cool night breeze until no trace of my existence remains!

The End!

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