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Unprecedented Mass Die Offs as Pacific Ocean “Turning Into a Desert” Off California Coast

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The ocean is dying, by all accounts – and if so, the food supply along with it. The causes are numerous, and overlapping. And massive numbers of wild animal populations are dying as a result of it.

Natural causes in the environment are partly to blame; so too are the corporations of man; the effects of Fukushima, unleashing untold levels of radiation into the ocean and onto Pacific shores; the cumulative effect of modern chemicals and agricultural waste tainting the water and disrupting reproduction.

A startling new report says in no uncertain terms that the Pacific Ocean off the California coast is turning into a desert. Once full of life, it is now becoming barren, and marine mammals, seabirds and fish are starving as a result. According to Ocean Health:

The waters of the Pacific off the coast of California are a clear, shimmering blue today, so transparent it’s possible to see the sandy bottom below […] clear water is a sign that the ocean is turning into a desert, and the chain reaction that causes that bitter clarity is perhaps most obvious on the beaches of the Golden State, where thousands of emaciated sea lion pups are stranded.
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I can't  read the link. I know it's real but I just can't stand to look at pictures of the starving pups or dead creatures. I saw a documentary about birds and other wildlife which were dying from eating decomposed bits of plastic from bottles that humans dump in the ocean.

So we have spoiled our groundwater, and we now drink groundwater from places which ship it in plastic bottles to us on gas-guzzling trucks. Then we dump the discards to pollute waters all over the world.

And the media glosses over it and tells us we should exercise and eat tofu.

And buy new cars.

Oops, there's  a car ad above my post.

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