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To Shep and any all other from the UK. Happy Independence Day!

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 Millevolt    630
48 minutes ago, BobMalugaluga said:

When will the results of the vote be announced?

All times GMT +1?


From Daily Mail:


Thursday 10pm: polls close

Friday 12.30am: Sunderland declares. If If Leave wins by more than six percentage points they could be on track for victory - a slimmer margin would bode well for Remain.

Soon afterwards Newcastle, where the pro-EU side is expected to do well, and Hartlepool, thought to be very Eurosceptic, will announce their results.

2am: The picture will become clearer with a big wave of around 22 authorities due to declare.

Wrexham could be a key indicator of which way Wales is leaning - and who will be popping the champagne later.

We could also get an official estimate for national turnout around now - meaning a 'winning post' can be calculated.

2.30am: A Ukip heartland, Castle Point in Essex, could give Brexiteers a boost.

But Swansea is likely to be more significant for the overall battle.

3.30am: Approaching the halfway point in results, the declaration by the City of Lancaster is set to be a bellwether for the final result.

Edinburgh and other Scottish counts will deliver overwhelming votes for Remain - and crucially signal how high turnout has been in pro-EU strongholds.

4am: This could be the moment the outcome becomes clear. Some 88 local authorities are due to announce their results.

5am: Almost all areas will have reported by now. If it is still too close to call, the margin of victory for either side will probably be tiny.

A number of rural parts of the country declaring later are thought to lean towards Leave. But the outcome could also depend on whether Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has managed to win over traditional party supporters in seats such as Sefton, in Merseyside. 

7am: The last few stragglers announce figures. Recounts and legal wrangling will loom if we still do not know who has won.

Electoral Commission chief Jenny Watson will announce the total numbers in Manchester.

And as the morning after the long night before begins, Prime Minister David Cameron will emerge from Downing Street to give his response to the verdict of the British people. 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3655775/The-polls-finally-open-Britain-s-historic-Referendum-vote-latest-polls-Remain-camp-lead-six-points-weather-swing-Brexit.html#ixzz4CPzlvDpS
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 Ukshep    13,124
6 hours ago, Millevolt said:

 Happy Independence Day to our friends in the UK! (Never thought I'd be saying THIS a year ago!)

Oh god i hope so!

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