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Latest Report – Number of Living People Killed For Their Organs in China Vastly Underestimated: Huge Profits Taken

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 BigRed    150

Whatever our hidden fears about extraterrestrials or mass extinction events nothing could be worse than what is happening in China at this very moment.

The horror of rounding up and then killing innocent people by removing their organs and selling them to a paying customer has been going on for at least 16 years.

People just like you and I.


Transplant surgeons in China are awash in human organs. Some complain of working 24-hour shifts, performing back-to-back transplant surgeries. Others ensure they’ve got spare organs available, freshly harvested—just in case. Some hospitals can source organs within just hours, while others report transplanting two, three, or four back-up organs, when the first fails.

All this has been taking place in China for over a decade, with no voluntary organ donation system and only thousands of executed prisoners—what China says is its official organ source. In phone calls, Chinese doctors say the real source of organs is a state secret. Meanwhile, practitioners of Falun Gong have disappeared in large numbers, and many report being blood tested in custody.

An unprecedented report by a small team of relentless investigators was published on June 22, documenting in sometimes astonishing detail the ecosystem of hundreds of Chinese hospitals and transplant facilities that have been operating quietly in China since around the year 2000.

Collectively, these facilities had the capacity to perform between 1.5 and 2.5 million transplants over the last 16 years, according to the report. The authors suspect the actual transplant figures fall between 60,000 to 100,000 per year since the year 2000. 


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