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The Masonic Freemason Secret Society

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The Masonic Freemason Secret Society

Published on Apr 6, 2014

The Masonic Temple Freemason Secret Society
Secret Society Takeover
When you are inducted into the Masonic temple you are no longer American the temple makes you swear your allegiance and national sovereignty to a foreign entity this entity is the Illuminati Of England. and in becoming a member of this cult you have been brainwashed into being a trader on America. You are programed to defend your masonic cult like you are now. listen to me Shannon if you are masonic YOU ARE A TRADER!!! and need to wake the f*** up and do what a few members of the masonic cult have done (G Washington founding fathers) And realize that tyranny hatred and fear are all manufactured and programed in to our society by the masonic temple. And you as a member are enabling a system that will systematically destroy yourselves. Masons need to deprogram, your grand masters S&B have an agenda that ultimately exclude you and your family. read the Georgia stones. there 500 million Illuminati, I guarantee you are not Illuminati this means you are earmarked for death after you help them destroy your county. They have vowed to kill you me and billions of masons Christians Jew's and all religions. The masonic temple lie about their numbers there are well over a billion masonic secret society members world wide,the 500 million that will live by this plan is the Illuminati only This is truth.




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