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The EU is Determined to Ensure BREXIT Will Not Succeed

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 CSB    1,664

The EU is Determined to Ensure BREXIT Will Not Succeed

Posted Jun 21, 2016

Another case of fraudulent voting to save the EU has occurred in the Austrian election. The Austrian Constitutional Court has revealed outrageous “errors” to the point that votes were simply regarded as non-binding recommendations. The investigations continue, but this reflects the desperate attempt to save Brussels at the expense of all of Europe. Allowing the people to vote was portrayed as dangerous so the election had to be rigged. This casts a lot of questions over the reality of the BREXIT vote to take place on June 23. Is there any hope for a real election at all?

Unfortunately, those in Brussels, like the Troika, cannot be voted out of office since they have defeated any possible democratic vote. They never stand for election. The very people who dictate the fate of Europe, and are responsible for undermining all the pensions with negative interest rates, never stand for election but still tell the people it is a democratic process. Why any Brit would surrender their independence to become economic slaves to Brussels just shatters the mind. This is a dangerous situation, for the only means to reform or disagree with the policies in place will be civil unrest if not war.

Fallow the little linky to the whole post : https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/europes-current-economy/the-eu-determined-to-ensure-brexit-will-not-succeed/

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 Millevolt    630

I think its all going to backfire on them, just like Trump, every time they say something bad about Trump, he surges. I think you will see a landslide tomorrow, and one in November. No matter what the propaganda polls say.

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