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Jade Helm 2016

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 Ukshep    13,138
4 minutes ago, DarkKnightNomeD said:

Maybe the Pre Jade Helm Exercises?

"Is there supposed to be jade helm exercises in bryan texas theres hundreds of military vehicles here"

I've heard its ongoing ops.... secret training but who knows for sure! i don't have contact with anyone near. Wont have for a few months. they went dark.

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 DarkKnightNomeD    1,587


Senica Illinois 1305 (1:05pm)
25-30 red Illinois hazmat trucks in a convoy south bound on the main drag in senica. huge fire truck sized equipment, hauling flat bed trailers equipped with 15-30 foot shipping containers, and generators all painted red. (unable to read the writing on the sides of the containers) the last truck in the convoy had the JADE HELM logo painted on it.


Joliet Illinois,1345(1:45pm)
I-80 east bound circa exit 120-130; white helicopter spotted landing at Joliet regional airport. black markings on the sides of the air craft.

Shorewood Illinois 1415 (2:15pm)
hazmat decontamination storage facility across from the humane society, all trucks and trailers have been moved and are not at the facility.

Shorewood Illinois 1050am- 1702(5:02pm)
zero air traffic {normal flight path for both ohare and midway airports, driving back to Streator, zero aircraft.

--------my father and I had both witnessed all of the above mentioned circumstances: something bad is about to happen----

Shared with original posters permission. Not vetted.

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