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Gay Activists Blame Christians for Orlando: Their Issue Is Sex, Not Violence

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Gay Activists Blame Christians for Orlando: Their Issue Is Sex, Not Violence

CNS News http://www.cnsnews.com/commentary/bill-donohue/gay-activists-blame-christians-orlando-attack-their-issue-sex-not-violence
June 20, 2016

The man responsible for the Orlando killings, we’re told, was a devout Muslim who attended a mosque several times a week, brought a prayer rug to work, pledged his allegiance to ISIS, cheered the 9/11 massacre, traveled to Saudi Arabia, and was raised by his Taliban-loving father. Yet, despite all this reported evidence, Christians are being blamed for the killings.

There is no greater proof of why the Catholic League exists than this: Christians, especially Catholics, are typically held responsible for the sins of others, and this is doubly true when sexuality is implicated. Most troubling is the fact that the anti-Christian hate mongers are not just dopey bloggers—they are academics, lawyers, activists, and writers.

When it comes to Christian haters, few can top Jonathan Katz, a homosexual activist and University of Buffalo professor. Now he is deflecting attention from the role that ISIS played in the Muslim murders: he says the real culprits are Christians.

Here is the link where I found it   :balk2:  http://www.prisonplanet.com/gay-activists-blame-christians-for-orlando-their-issue-is-sex-not-violence.html

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