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Coast Guard Survived Alien Attack; White House Hiding UFO

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Coast Guard Survived Alien Attack; White House Hiding UFO

By Anthony Cerullo - June 19, 2016

In an exclusive interview, a member of  the U.S Coast Guard claims to have survived an alien attack out at a sea. Since then, the real “men in black” have threatened him if he reveals any UFO secrets that the White House may be hiding from the world.


In a rare interview with YouTube’s ThirdPhaseofMoon, a retired U.S coast guard recounts his alien experience from the 1970’s. On a routine mission out off the coast of North Carolina caller “Ron” claims that the crew of over one-hundred saw some mysterious bright lights, hovering in formation above the ship. Upon returning back to port, the crew was ready to go on their 72 hours of leave when approached by a group of identically dressed men in black suits.


According to Ron, the official-looking men in black suits forced the crew to remain on the ship and sign documents. These documents claimed the crew did not see any alien ships that night nor where they to tell anyone about the alleged experience. The government agents then went on to threaten the lives of the crew saying these UFO sightings never happened. Any video evidence the crew had of the alien ships were promptly confiscated on the ship. It wasn’t until years later that Ron decided to come forth and share his alien story with ThirdPhaseofMoon. Is this just further evidence of a UFO coverup by the White House or more conspiracy?

Read the whole post with video Here : http://clapway.com/2016/06/19/alien-attack-white-house-ufo/


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