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The Biggest Conspiracy of all time in ct forums is being spilled, Listen up! Tavistock Operations are Ongoing! - Updated

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 Ukshep    21,367

The biggest ct forum conspiracy of all time is being spilled! listen up!

Many of you know what I, as admin, have gone through to be here with you all now. Some of you do not. As with everything else you will have noticed about me you will know that i like to connect dots. Well it's time to tell all. And pray enough people see what i say before they attack and make no doubt about it. They will once they see this.

It's been a long time coming so lets get this roller coaster of confession on the road shall we:

A Group of individuals have been working under the instruction of a figure in the ct forum world with a specific set of goals. These are the protocols which they use that many may have witnessed or heard about in the dark corners of many forums. These are as follows!


Standard Protocols

Protocol 1: Analysis of Target

This process is the first stage of this groups interaction with individuals or groups of people. The goal is to analyze the target and decide if that target is a threat. If so other protocols follow.

Protocol 2: The Softening/Convincing

This process follows after an analysis when determined the target is either wanted on site or removed. The target will be convinced off the viewpoint of the agent as well as building a base of friendship for the next protocol.

Protocol 3: The Offer

The process of offering the target a place working for the agent. Either directly or indirectly. Those that accept end up being tested and then inducted. Those that refuse are marked to be taken out.

Protocol 4: The Buyout

The process of paying off or buying out individuals for the reason of getting rid of them or acquiring expertise or time for an upcoming operation. This protocol takes hold when Protocol 3 is rejected!

Protocol 5: The Forced Exit

The process of hacking/ddossing/doxxing the target until they give up and quit.

Protocol 6: The Gas lighting Duet

The process of defamation. The gas lighting duet are usually only deployed when something or someone has been exposed. All agents are taught how to do this well. But some of them suck at it so bad its obvious.

Protocol 7: The Lover

The process of having an agent get close to someone, intimately close, so that they can acquire private information or data for blackmailing use.

Protocol 8: The Tavistock Wormhole

The process of using knowledge acquired to manipulate individuals mentally. This involves gang stalking, and strange events that force you to question reality. These are used to fundamentally change peoples psychological behavior. This is how the nobody was originally created.

Protocol 9: The Chat Room Destroyer

The process of infiltration and control of individuals in the chat rooms, usually for experimental psyops. Watch for the triggering of people once its begun. They will target the strong and turn the others against them. Once they succeed they turn on their allies and rinse repeat. Always several agents needed to do this.

Protocol 10: The Spirit Sapper

The process of endlessly attacking a single individual using various protocols. Usually only needed for those who are strong willed and are hard to take down or manipulate

Protocol 11: The Backer and the Supporter

The process of allowing or encouraging certain content from certain sources to change perception or lull the content creator into a false sense of backing. This is usually preceded by a defamation campaign that 100% pulls apart the content and the author and is the ultimate goal of this protocol.

Protocol 12: The Infiltrator

The process of infiltrating a forum with the goal of obtaining a mod position from which you can push your agenda more effectively. Or to befriend members of staff! This is usually used to gain favor with an admin so they will listen to the agents disinfo!

Protocol 13: The Impersonator

The process of Impersonating people in chats for the purpose of gang stalking or attacking a persons mental state. Also used to gather private info from people thinking it's a friend they are speaking with.


Agent-Emergency-Specific Protocols

Protocol 1: The Funeral

The protocol known as "The Funeral" is the systematic killing off of an online persona. (Usually those killed off are alts of admins on other sites) for the purpose of disposal of a hot potato f***up or donation drives.

Protocol 2: The Job

The protocol known as "The Job" is the 6 month on. 6 Month off time table that Agents work on. They tend to cycle in for 6 months and leave for 6 months. This is the only thing that is Permanent across all income levels of agents. Despite what they earn they all get same time off.


Agent Information! (Grouped into Levels)

#Initiate Agent Database::Chat room

#G = Brute = Low Income / Assignment: Break up of chat rooms / Specialization: Gas lighting
#N = Babe = Low Income / Assignment: Break up of chat rooms / Specialization: Entrapment

#Initiate Agent Database::Defamation

#O = Sexual Deviant = Low Income / Assignment: Defamation/Slander of target / Specialization: Talking to themselves

#A = The Other Sexual Deviant = Low Income / Assignment: Defamation/Slander of target / Specialization: Talking to themselves

#BB = The Spammer = Low Income / Assignment: Distraction and Forum Slider / Specialization: Copy Pasta King

#D = The Drunkard = Low Income / Assignment: Defamation/Slander of target / Specialization: Threatening to Hack or Dox

#D = The Shit Talker = Low Income / Assignment: Defamation/Slander/Attack of target / Specialization: Doxxing, Photoshop

#Initiate Agent Database::Psyop/Mindcontrol/Gang Stalking/Disinfo

#M = Hard ass = Mid Income / Assignment: Contact, Gang stalking and manipulation / Specialization: Legal Specialist

#T = Overlord = High Income / Assignment: Bot Overlord and Project Manager / Specialization: Technical Specialist

#A = Telescoper = High Income / Assignment: Spreading Disinformation / Specialization: Nasa Specialist

#E = The Sellout = Low Income / Assignment: Support of other agents

#TW = The Jew = Mid Income / Assignment: Test of Latest Psy Findings / Triggering of selected individuals

#P = The Impersonator = Mid Income / Assignment: Support of other agents via impersonation of regulars via guest posting or chats / Specialization: able to get close or private info


#Initiate Agent Database:: The Trinity of Masters

The Controllers of this groups are 3 in number, They strictly follow the 3 universal principles and each have a specialization. Each in charge of one of Mind, Consciousness and Thought!

The three principles are defined as:


The energy and intelligence of all life, whether in the form, or formless. The Universal Mind, or the impersonal mind, is constant and unchangeable. The personal mind is in a perpetual state of change.


Consciousness is the gift of awareness. Consciousness allows the recognition of form, form being an expression of Thought.


The power of Thought is not self-created. Thought is a divine gift, which serves you immediately after you are born. Thought is the creative agent we use to direct us through life.

They built up this group using the principles in the above video and it is how they have been so successful in the confusion they have created! When attacking the 3 universal principles they covet to control!


The Rabbit Hole of Tavistock

This group is tied into tavistock and runs a lot of experiments. I'm sure 90% of the people on ct forums have experienced or witnessed the above protocols in effect! And you've always known deep down something was going on.

But what is Tavistock? Well its kinda the best kept secret in America.

Formed in 1947, the Tavistock Institute is an independent not-for-profit organization which seeks to combine research in the social sciences with professional practice. Problems of institution-building and organizational design and change are being tackled in all sectors - government, industry and commerce, health and welfare, education, etc. - nationally and internationally, and clients range from multinationals to small community groups. A growth area has been the use of a developmental approach to evaluation of new and experimental programs, particularly in health, education and community development. This has also produced new training events alongside the regular program of group relations conferences. The Institute owns and edits the monthly journal Human Relations (published by Plenum Press) which is now in its 48th year, and has recently launched (in conjunction with Sage Publications) a new journal Evaluation.

Three elements combine to make the Institute unusual, if not unique: it has the independence of being entirely self-financing, with no subsidies from the government or other sources; the action research orientation places it between, but not in, the worlds of academia and consultancy; and its range of disciplines include anthropology, economics, organizational behavior, political science, psychoanalysis, psychology and sociology.

The ideology of American foundations was created by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London. In 1921, the Duke of Bedford, Marquess of Tavistock, the 11th Duke, gave a building to the Institute to study the effect of shellshock on British soldiers who survived World War I. Its purpose was to establish the "breaking point" of men under stress, under the direction of the British Army Bureau of Psychological Warfare, commanded by Sir John Rawlings-Reese.

You can read the rest here

AND THIS ALL JUST HAPPENS TO BE TIED INTO ONE OF THE BIGGEST CT SITES AROUND! THE COMMAND CENTER OF TAVISTOCK AND I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THEY ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE SPEAKING OUT! And while i have not given names we all know who is at the head of it and if not. Do a little digging and you will! (This is how i've chosen to do this! Please do not ask for names!)


Past Operations they have conducted that have ended (Only Meaningful Ops)

Operation: Doomflunkie

This massive operation was conducted to take down doomjunkie, and spanned an entire year with them being victorious having got the majority share holder of the old forum to sell out and booting me to the curb.

Duration: 1 Year

Operation: Gas lighting star crossed lovers

This was part of operation doomflunkie and was concocted and planned by what are 2 individuals who are known agents. Their feeble attempts failed and the op went south.

Duration: 2 Months

Operation: Chat Killer #1 #2 #3

The main and most popular ct chat has always been one of *redacted* chats. Whether connected to the main website or not. Years ago it was closed because someone uncovered similar things to what I have. They shut it down and scattered people to the four corners of the earth. And censored any chat users attempting to meet old friends from chat on multiple forums.

They eventually moved to manipulating the splinter chats directly after a recent failure with another of their own chats. Same reason for closure. they were getting exposed.

Duration: Several Years

Operation: Rising Phoenix

This involved the manipulation and payoff of a unstable member of the ct community for the purpose of covering tracks of evidence at a website that was....taken down. This individual was paid to fake their own death and dissappear with the payment in hold and promise of a mod position when it was all over.

Duration: 1 Month

Operation: Forum Wars

The mass spamming and posting of cop adverts on forums others than our own in a manner that must use bots. In the hopes of getting our links blocked and starting a war between conspiracy forums. This occurred for quite some time but no longer affects us.

Duration: 7 Months


Current Live Operationss still in progress (Only Meaningful Ops)

Operation: Chat Killer #4 - Voice Changer Edition

Several Agents using voice changing software for nefarious purposes. Always backing up other agents in conversations to attack and defame. And tear the chat community apart.

Currently underway in a chat splinter

Operation: TT

Hacking of account- Reason: Fell out of favor with the man - Plan is to cause issues by banning people from TT's account and expose it. He will be pushed out! They win.

Currently underway in a chat splinter

Operation: Jetplane

Hacking of Router- Reason: Fell out of favor with the man - This is an Agent currently being turned on.

Currently underway in a chat splinter

Operation: Chinese Delicacy

Hacking of Router- Reason: Fell out of favor with the man - Other Factors Unknown

Currently underway in a chat splinter

Operation: Defamation Shep mk 52

They just like to hate on me. Nuff said!

Currently underway in a chat splinter, and several forums.

Operation: Infiltration

Messages from several people claiming to be old glp mods. Some provided juicy intel others not so much. Some of them were clearly sent to test or provide disinfo. Only one can be deemed legit as information was 100% verifiable by a trusted source.

Currently underway at cop (contact with admins)

Operation: Character Assasination

Several members of splinter chatrooms have had characters assassinated in recent weeks, months and currently this is still ongoing. The can not allow the truth so they began to shut it down and break up the chat again. This is just a phase of that.

Currently underway in a chat splinter, and several forums.

Operation: Jesus is coming - Witness Edition

E-stalking of myself and others: Propagating a Story line where i am one of the Witnesses! 10 websites and counting where i have been contacted by the same individual on accounts that have existed for years. This is clearly not working the way they want. But they want to pollute my mind with untruths.

Currently underway via email and postings on several forums and news websites.

+ many many more


Right now as we speak. We are fighting a literal war against those in control of the ct forums.

I for one would like to make a statement:

Readers: Do you solemnly swear that you will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, (so help you God/under pains and penalties of perjury)?

Shep: I do!

I had a forum partner once! Who i ran a ct site with. She was lazy and a drunk, did not do much and i took the load. Ran it all. Did it all. Eventually growing that site to a nice size. It was around this time that *redacted* came around my chat room at the time. It began slowly with protocol after protocol being enacted on me. Eventually leading to heated discussions with those involved. And I was made an offer. An offer which i refused. Turned down and stepped away from because i am NO SELLOUT!

Later that same month, The attack began. Ddos on a massive scale. Our site went down multiple times. But we managed to work out a deal with our host for some bad ass protection. It worked! stopped it. surprised me actually considering the size of the attack.

Soon after my partner began to act strange. Different. And i started seeing her ALLOW the agents to post things that clearly broke the rules. Which i would then remove. The last day she closed down dj and threw me aside. Because it was more important that she attended a wedding that mop up a mess she has equal share in.

It was only weeks later that she confessed to me that she had been working with *redacted* and that she had sold out!

I laid low recovering having had my baby snatched from my arms. My forum. My Goal. I wept for a while and i toughened the hell up. Like a real man. Pooled my resources and started up cop with a stronger core team of people. Trimmed the fat and her agents from midst and began to create the community which we have all come to love!

Still today I am watching the continued attacks, this time with a different approach it seems. I, by all means am one of the odd ones out! The others they took down never stood back up except for one other time.

But we have only bought ourselves time. I recently came to the conclusion that another one of the ct sites has also been under this form of attack. They made it past the first wave like i did. But it has severely amputated the Community on the website they run. Which is a shame! And if we are not vigilant the same fate will befall this site.

The Truth is that..... a group of individuals are working in tandem to destroy conspiracy forums that WILL NOT conform to the group in charge. These sites are taken out of the picture using the above methods i have stated and operations are underway as we speak to continue this act as it has been for years. With chats being broken up and people being lied to while others are led to believe they are part of something much larger than themselves ending up with those individuals being manipulated and used for nefarious purposes.

Wake up again! Because half the ct forum world is still f***ing asleep!

This only scratches the surface of what is going on but I hope you all become a little more vigilant. They are only able to do it because you allow them to.

I am aware that by posting this i have most likely driven them into a frenzy and they will want to strike. But you know who i am. I have to tell it how it is. I go into this knowing full well what might happen. Free Speech Forever!

Spread this thread far and wide, Download it, Copy it, Archive it! Have it known by all so that when the agents strike you are shielded from deception.

Signing off on the most controversial inter-conspiracy-forum post you will ever read!

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 Ukshep    21,367

Additional Notes!

DO NOT TRUST Tiny chat! It is owned by the same people!

GodTrin appears! - http://docdro.id/zHhpSXi

Underestimated much Trinity? Wondering how i got this?

A Message from _ChickenHawk_


My nick is  _ChickenHawk_  lots of folks call me Hawk but many also call me Chicken. Both work for me take your pick I will respond to either. Some of you will probably ponder who I am and who I work for. That is not important really, what is important is all of you who know me and those who don’t should know who I DON’T work for.

I come from an Illuminati family which is important only in sense that I was offered the REAL DEAL by these powerful Luciferians at a young age. I was nine years old and they offered me fame and fortune and the chance to do something “important” in their eyes anyway at a young age and I said NO. I was saved in the second grade and it was real for me. My experience with God was so transformative nothing and no one could take it from me.

There is some background on me personally what follows is how I became embroiled in a scenario that sounds like the perfect premise for a Tom Clancy novel at least when I consider the details that I am wont to share here. I am an IT Professional with 10+ years in networking and to be quite honest when I look back on it all, these people like the “millionaire” from Shalimar, Florida and the world famous hacker really do think that we meaning me and all of you reading this are absolute morons. Well at least for once, we are able to show evidence that we are not.

Let’s be honest here. This is a dangerous game we are playing anyone who is not a shill will acknowledge that.

If you are responding in a negative way to my postings and how I contributed to this article and this whole scenario, then you are a sad excuse for an American who cannot recognize it when there are a few people left willing to really put their lives on the line for your freedom. If you are a paid shill,  you might refer to me as being grandiose. But you are in fact a sadder excuse for an American who is too blind to care that you are contributing to the destruction of what is arguably the greatest country and form of government the world has ever seen.

The backgrounds on the documents are that they are mostly copy of text chats from public and private chats on tiny chat. All except one document that is.  I was doxxed by this really well known hacker guy and I was pretty amazed when he gave out my weak network password in voice chat with the user known as GOD coming in conveniently at just the right moment after it was recommended that I change all my passwords that no even better save my passwords to a text file and leave it on my desktop after  had changed them. Well I received his suggestion like a fan boy and marveled that he would tell a trained IT guy to leave his passwords on his desktop and stay acting all serious and everything.

So, I complied and created a document called New Passwords.txt and wrote Trinity a letter that follows
below. But first one more thing that was a very very poor choice of usernames on both accounts because you were not mocking me, you were mocking Him who sent me your way in the first place.



This is Cinnamon.  I just happened to be in the above mentioned chat room at the time what Chicken Hawk says took place.  I can testify that what he wrote above is true and correct, I heard the entire exchange. 


New Passwords.txt


First off I have the utmost respect for you. I think that you are hilarious. It is unfortunate that you are a slave of my enemy.
You are not my enemy but you are his operative. It is my prayer for you that this might not always be the case. I will sincerely be praying for you. I don't know actually how much you know about me.
You may have been told the truth but with certain parts left out.

I am a man of God. I deal with spiritual warfare constantly but it is never more than a painful and real pain in the ass. I do not enjoy it becasue it sux but I always overcome. I wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and wickedness in heavenly places. This might sound trite but I am completely sincere. Lucifer is a formidable foe and I have the utmost respect for him. I do not fear him however.

I said all that to say this. There is far more to me than what you have been told. Be very careful if you are ordered to attack me. I fully expect to be attacked but try and stay out of it if you can. For some reason I have a heart for you and I do not want to see you manipulated into a situation concerning me that could cost you your life. I am in no way threatening you. I am only trying to make sure that you realze that I have been protected in ways by God which I doubt you could believe.

Finally I will tell you this. Satan does not want to tell you this about me. He knows already but for him to be honest with you about me he would have to admit his defeat by Jesus Christ. He cannot ever do that with his pawns so I am trying to help you out. Tell Rory that I was and am amazed at his capabilities. He is a trip.

And both of you guys please, Rory and you Trinity please seriously consider Jesus. He loves you more than either of you (or I for that matter) can fathom. This is the absolute truth.

And do us all a favor huh? Stop trying so hard to bullshit me. Show me enough respect to stop doing that please. And I will stop telling people what GLP is all about. That is not important to me or my goals anyway.
Also, no one is obsessed with anyone. I would appreciate an abandonment of that tactic as well. It is only tiresome and I see through it anyway.

Peace Bro

Update with Recruitment Attempt (sorry Tavistock its time to show recruitment logs)


[3:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: they'll probably never hear it in their life from anyone else
[3:35 AM] _ChickenHawk_: this may be true thank you for the encouragemnent
[3:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: you're welcome
[3:35 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I wonder though if I should say things sometimes though...
[3:36 AM] _ChickenHawk_: did you understand why what I asked this guy was so important?
[3:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: yes
[3:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: i'm a born again
[3:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: i know exactly where you're coming from
[3:36 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I don't know what to think about him now...
[3:37 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I am born again as well and I also know all about GLP but I feel led to pray against dark
[3:37 AM] _ChickenHawk_: forces and keep talking so that is what I have been doing
[3:38 AM] thekillerunicorn: they appreciate you
[3:39 AM] thekillerunicorn: you are the only one actually preaching truth
[3:39 AM] thekillerunicorn: by the way, this morning they were reading the bible
[3:39 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I have been attacked spiritually in here and have had to pray...
[3:39 AM] _ChickenHawk_: how long have you been listening to me talk to these people?
[3:39 AM] thekillerunicorn: there is a lot of psychic warfare
[3:39 AM] thekillerunicorn: on glp
[3:40 AM] thekillerunicorn: that night flute was on here did you see her doing hexes
[3:40 AM] thekillerunicorn: with her hands
[3:40 AM] thekillerunicorn: she is a witch
[3:40 AM] _ChickenHawk_: yes and I am a warrior and they don't attack me twice...humbly just saying....
[3:40 AM] thekillerunicorn: i've been watchingi you for at least 3-4 days
[3:41 AM] thekillerunicorn: before that i wasn't coming in here for the fact that there are tons of people who remote
[3:41 AM] _ChickenHawk_: flute is a mnaipulator and is secretly trying to play games but I didn't catch that part..
[3:41 AM] thekillerunicorn: i think you're the only reason i can actually come in here
[3:41 AM] thekillerunicorn: lol
[3:41 AM] thekillerunicorn: flute was freaking out
[3:41 AM] _ChickenHawk_: Yes RV is something that I have had to deal with but it isn't too difficult for me
[3:42 AM] _ChickenHawk_: how so? what did you discern?  I may have missed something...
[3:42 AM] thekillerunicorn: before i knew there was a lot of darkness over this chat
[3:42 AM] thekillerunicorn: when did you start coming in here
[3:42 AM] _ChickenHawk_: my email address isREDACTED please record it...
[3:43 AM] _ChickenHawk_: about 3 or more months
[3:43 AM] _ChickenHawk_: maybe 4 months now...
[3:44 AM] thekillerunicorn: btw i'm mynameisrickmoranis on glp lol but it's a secret i don't really openly tell here
[3:44 AM] _ChickenHawk_: It has been a challenge sometimes but I wish to share something with you that no else can
[3:45 AM] _ChickenHawk_: rick I was Random_Guy before I was banned!!!
[3:45 AM] _ChickenHawk_: how is it going?
[3:45 AM] thekillerunicorn: the email i use for glp is REDACTED
[3:45 AM] _ChickenHawk_: ^^^^????
[3:45 AM] thekillerunicorn: heyyy it's going good
[3:45 AM] _ChickenHawk_: do you remember me?
[3:45 AM] thekillerunicorn: i remember you
[3:45 AM] thekillerunicorn: what happened
[3:46 AM] _ChickenHawk_: after I posted on your thread I was banned
[3:46 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I posted about the Scottish Rite and Freeemasonry..
[3:46 AM] thekillerunicorn: oh shit
[3:47 AM] thekillerunicorn: did you ever have a paid account
[3:47 AM] _ChickenHawk_: you said maybe you are not so random after all
[3:47 AM] thekillerunicorn: trin didn't ban you it had to have been one of the others
[3:47 AM] _ChickenHawk_: no I hold on loosely to GLP.  I have been banned more times than I can count
[3:47 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I have reason to believe that trin is phoenix
[3:48 AM] _ChickenHawk_: and an mk-ultra survivor or victim still
[3:49 AM] thekillerunicorn: phoenix is an ass
[3:49 AM] thekillerunicorn: trin is a good guy
[3:49 AM] thekillerunicorn: i promise you
[3:49 AM] thekillerunicorn: they aren't the same person but trin let phoenix be a mod a few years back i think
[3:49 AM] _ChickenHawk_: so you think I am wrong then? they could be two personalities in the same person...
[3:49 AM] thekillerunicorn: i know what trin looks like
[3:50 AM] _ChickenHawk_: OK then...
[3:50 AM] thekillerunicorn: and look speak of satan lol phoenix is in here now?
[3:50 AM] thekillerunicorn: i havent been paying attention
[3:50 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I know. I noticed that he just came in
[3:50 AM] thekillerunicorn: i'm trying to put your email address in my contacts
[3:50 AM] thekillerunicorn: phoenix is a dick who tried to start drama with me a few months back
[3:50 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I think he lurks a lot
[3:51 AM] _ChickenHawk_: he started shit with nicole as well
[3:51 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I was going to tell you that I have had to deal with spiritual warfare all of my life...
[3:52 AM] _ChickenHawk_: Even at the level of Intellegence agencies attacking me.. so I suppose this is why
[3:52 AM] _ChickenHawk_: the Holy Spirit wants me to speak in here...
[3:52 AM] thekillerunicorn: i appreciate what you are doing
[3:53 AM] thekillerunicorn: because they'll be in here saying hail satan and shit like that
[3:53 AM] thekillerunicorn: which i'm sure they are trolling
[3:53 AM] _ChickenHawk_: tonight has been weird though. there has been an attack since yesterday
[3:53 AM] thekillerunicorn: but they don't know how much power the words have
[3:53 AM] thekillerunicorn: it's not what goes in a man but what comes out of a man
[3:53 AM] thekillerunicorn: that defiles him
[3:54 AM] thekillerunicorn: i will pray for you
[3:54 AM] _ChickenHawk_: exactly ...we are justified and condemned by the words that we speak
[3:54 AM] _ChickenHawk_: the fruit of our hearts are our words
[3:54 AM] thekillerunicorn: a lot of wickedness in here
[3:54 AM] thekillerunicorn: but they need help
[3:56 AM] _ChickenHawk_: well I feel like I am beating my head against the wall a lot but I keep going
[3:56 AM] thekillerunicorn: ultimately it is their choice in the end
[3:56 AM] thekillerunicorn: but what you are doing is not in vain
[3:56 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I have come away from here feeling like the Lord was really happy with me some nights so
[3:57 AM] thekillerunicorn: i know that you are helping even though they may not look like they are absorbing the info
[3:57 AM] _ChickenHawk_: that is very encouraging
[3:57 AM] _ChickenHawk_: wow your commenting in chat and then pming me is a blessing when I needed it.
[3:57 AM] thekillerunicorn: they want the truth there are so many conflictions people wrestle with
[3:58 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I am under attack right now from whatever is going on in here...tonight
[3:58 AM] thekillerunicorn: i know and i think it started with flute
[3:58 AM] thekillerunicorn: i watched her
[3:58 AM] thekillerunicorn: the whole time
[3:58 AM] thekillerunicorn: i've never seen anyone flip out like that
[3:59 AM] _ChickenHawk_: what time did flute do that crap? I wasn't in here then and she has not
[3:59 AM] _ChickenHawk_: done those things with me around
[3:59 AM] thekillerunicorn: it was when you were talking about the luciferian thing
[4:00 AM] thekillerunicorn: she was describing luciferian agenda
[4:00 AM] thekillerunicorn: and boat or the ex guy was in here that night too
[4:00 AM] thekillerunicorn: she kept letting her hair fall in her face and tilting her head forward
[4:00 AM] _ChickenHawk_: oh ok so you were in here then and she was battling against what I was saying..
[4:01 AM] thekillerunicorn: moving her hands in awkward motions and put her hand to her mouth in a zip it motion
[4:01 AM] thekillerunicorn: i was like, this ***** is throwing hexes....
[4:01 AM] thekillerunicorn: that's why i said flute doing gang signs
[4:01 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I walked away feeling like I won that night
[4:01 AM] thekillerunicorn: you did
[4:01 AM] thekillerunicorn: i was praying over you and everyone from what she was doing
[4:01 AM] _ChickenHawk_: what else have you discerned?
[4:02 AM] _ChickenHawk_: we won then didn't we
[4:02 AM] thekillerunicorn: beer means well he has rage problemms but it comes from the drinking
[4:02 AM] thekillerunicorn: doom seems like a good man
[4:02 AM] _ChickenHawk_: yeah Beer has actually improved and listens to  me sometimes...
[4:02 AM] thekillerunicorn: phoenix i don't trust
[4:03 AM] thekillerunicorn: i troll him most of the time
[4:03 AM] _ChickenHawk_: doom is ok he has some weird ideas and trolls me a little but i like him ok
[4:03 AM] thekillerunicorn: faint is genuine
[4:03 AM] thekillerunicorn: 888 sounds like skyward lol
[4:03 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I have faint's email address she got her pc violated through glp somehow
[4:03 AM] thekillerunicorn: genba works for the gov
[4:03 AM] thekillerunicorn: lol
[4:03 AM] _ChickenHawk_: skyward is such a problem
[4:04 AM] thekillerunicorn: sky used to send me messages on glp harassing me
[4:04 AM] thekillerunicorn: saying i was mod's pet
[4:04 AM] thekillerunicorn: and a sock for a mod
[4:04 AM] _ChickenHawk_: genba ...I started to talk to him tonigh but he believes some weirdness man...
[4:04 AM] thekillerunicorn: he's probably trolling
[4:05 AM] _ChickenHawk_: skyward is a kabbalist mysticism involved in it too...
[4:05 AM] thekillerunicorn: yea he's crazy lol
[4:05 AM] thekillerunicorn: well he's smart
[4:05 AM] thekillerunicorn: he tries to be too smart
[4:05 AM] thekillerunicorn: like he knows better than everyone
[4:05 AM] _ChickenHawk_: he is smart but not as smart as he thinks he is...
[4:06 AM] _ChickenHawk_: he wants to be perceived as some kind of guru...
[4:06 AM] thekillerunicorn: skyward works for some agency
[4:06 AM] thekillerunicorn: probably mossad lmao
[4:06 AM] thekillerunicorn: i know glp is known for always pointing at "oh it's the fbi"
[4:06 AM] thekillerunicorn: but it's true.
[4:06 AM] thekillerunicorn: phoenix gets paid
[4:07 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I was in here one night and he went off on me crazy and said he saw what I was doing
[4:07 AM] _ChickenHawk_: and he was going to break my magic and all I was doing was being me...
[4:07 AM] thekillerunicorn: skyward? the jew in him lol
[4:07 AM] _ChickenHawk_: it was weird
[4:07 AM] thekillerunicorn: he said it was magic?? lmao
[4:07 AM] _ChickenHawk_: he meant it the word magic because that is what he does
[4:07 AM] thekillerunicorn: oh
[4:08 AM] _ChickenHawk_: it was late but he repeated himself
[4:08 AM] thekillerunicorn: well there is a lot of truth mixed with tons of lies
[4:08 AM] thekillerunicorn: so some of the information is good to know but when they start spewing they are god
[4:08 AM] thekillerunicorn: that's where you draw the line
[4:09 AM] _ChickenHawk_:  I have told others so I am also going to tell you
[4:09 AM] thekillerunicorn: alright
[4:09 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I am on here because I want to use their own tool agianst them
[4:09 AM] thekillerunicorn: same here
[4:09 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I don't give a crap about a list
[4:09 AM] thekillerunicorn: you know the chaos magic they put on people
[4:10 AM] _ChickenHawk_: if they come for me they will only do it if God allows them to.
[4:10 AM] thekillerunicorn: i am able to watch them cast and cast it back on them.
[4:10 AM] _ChickenHawk_: yes I know more than I wish I did
[4:10 AM] thekillerunicorn: just shielding
[4:10 AM] thekillerunicorn: the innocent
[4:10 AM] thekillerunicorn: and they don't have a clue who is doing it
[4:11 AM] thekillerunicorn: you know the astral community on glp, well i keep them in chaos.
[4:11 AM] thekillerunicorn: because they are always throwing darts at people.
[4:11 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I have really had to pray through some things and I hope you keep coming in here...
[4:11 AM] thekillerunicorn: i will
[4:11 AM] thekillerunicorn: i'll back you up
[4:11 AM] thekillerunicorn: this is all spiritual
[4:11 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I have been blessing them and praying that God would sanctify the Air in my house
[4:11 AM] thekillerunicorn: spirit is willing flesh is weak
[4:12 AM] thekillerunicorn: that's good
[4:12 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I have had to deal with Luciferians in a local Vineyard Church as well
[4:12 AM] thekillerunicorn: it's all in the churches it's so sad.
[4:12 AM] _ChickenHawk_: The Air is importaant because Satan is the prince of the power of the Air....
[4:12 AM] thekillerunicorn: that's true
[4:13 AM] thekillerunicorn: his time is short
[4:13 AM] thekillerunicorn: just pray for God's breath
[4:13 AM] thekillerunicorn: lol
[4:13 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I have had so much incredible protection from God in my life it is awesome...
[4:14 AM] thekillerunicorn: that's wonderful
[4:14 AM] _ChickenHawk_: God used an angel or angels to actually make me invisible once...
[4:14 AM] thekillerunicorn: i believe you
[4:14 AM] thekillerunicorn: i've seen angels
[4:14 AM] thekillerunicorn: i've seen fallen and i've seen holy
[4:14 AM] _ChickenHawk_: 7 guys were going to beat my ass but they couldn't see me at all. It was incredible..
[4:14 AM] _ChickenHawk_: yes I have as well...
[4:14 AM] thekillerunicorn: you're anointed
[4:15 AM] thekillerunicorn: for sure
[4:15 AM] _ChickenHawk_: ty that brings tears to my eyes to be honest
[4:15 AM] thekillerunicorn: this world is confused
[4:15 AM] thekillerunicorn: and we know why
[4:15 AM] thekillerunicorn: the author of confusion
[4:15 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I haven't interacted with Caylus but she is an occultist but I have a heart for her for
[4:15 AM] thekillerunicorn: and lies
[4:15 AM] _ChickenHawk_: some reason
[4:16 AM] thekillerunicorn: i keep in touch with her
[4:16 AM] thekillerunicorn: but she's really starting to ignore me
[4:16 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I have prayed for her. I hope she finds her way...
[4:16 AM] thekillerunicorn: i've preached to her
[4:16 AM] thekillerunicorn: she wants to believe
[4:17 AM] _ChickenHawk_: God caused me to look into her a bit deeper and her last post as CaylusArk was
[4:17 AM] thekillerunicorn: i tell her all the time Jesus is the only one who can protect her and heal her
[4:17 AM] _ChickenHawk_: number 1666
[4:17 AM] thekillerunicorn: wow that's strange
[4:17 AM] thekillerunicorn: i saw that number tonight
[4:17 AM] thekillerunicorn: on a music video
[4:17 AM] thekillerunicorn: she hasn't been acting like herself lately
[4:17 AM] thekillerunicorn: and she's pissed off with me
[4:18 AM] _ChickenHawk_: then she cam back as one who was finally initiated I think I gathered from one
[4:18 AM] _ChickenHawk_: of her posts
[4:18 AM] _ChickenHawk_: came back i mean
[4:18 AM] thekillerunicorn: she went to spain too
[4:18 AM] thekillerunicorn: after she came back on glp
[4:18 AM] thekillerunicorn: she came home though
[4:19 AM] _ChickenHawk_: she knows far too much
[4:19 AM] thekillerunicorn: i've actually given her a lot of wisdom lol
[4:19 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I have even learned a great deal from her website
[4:19 AM] thekillerunicorn: i've tried to act dumb on glp
[4:19 AM] thekillerunicorn: because i don't want to get targeted
[4:19 AM] thekillerunicorn: but i did and this guy "lo pan" idk if you remember him
[4:19 AM] thekillerunicorn: he posted my full name
[4:20 AM] thekillerunicorn: and my dad's name
[4:20 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I am the one who is the target but this really isn't difficult for me..
[4:20 AM] thekillerunicorn: and my dad's youtube videos
[4:20 AM] _ChickenHawk_: lo pan i do remember him
[4:20 AM] thekillerunicorn: he went insane
[4:20 AM] thekillerunicorn: on me
[4:20 AM] _ChickenHawk_: great day that is terrible
[4:20 AM] _ChickenHawk_: why did he do that?
[4:20 AM] thekillerunicorn: i think he gets possessed lol
[4:21 AM] thekillerunicorn: i tried to turn him to Christ as well.
[4:21 AM] thekillerunicorn: then he flipped out
[4:21 AM] _ChickenHawk_: hmm...lots of occultists on GLP
[4:21 AM] thekillerunicorn: he pretends to be 5 or more people on glp
[4:21 AM] thekillerunicorn: he has been going there since 2005
[4:21 AM] thekillerunicorn: i told trinity
[4:21 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I sent Caylus a book that was pointing to Jesus but she never responded about it...
[4:22 AM] _ChickenHawk_: What did trinity do?
[4:22 AM] thekillerunicorn: he trigger banned my name and the links and the pictures of me that he kept posting.
[4:22 AM] thekillerunicorn: me and trinity are friends
[4:22 AM] _ChickenHawk_: that is great of him to do that...
[4:22 AM] thekillerunicorn: he's not the bad guy i can promise you that
[4:22 AM] thekillerunicorn: the stuff rick is talking about is nothing to do with trin
[4:23 AM] _ChickenHawk_: why does he work for General Mattis USMC at the Joint Special Operations Command then?
[4:23 AM] thekillerunicorn: i mean the money thingi yeah but whatever happened with rick and rick's friend had nothing
[4:23 AM] thekillerunicorn: he writes scripts
[4:23 AM] thekillerunicorn: and background programs
[4:23 AM] thekillerunicorn: to keep hackers out
[4:23 AM] _ChickenHawk_: It is called Middleware I think...
[4:24 AM] _ChickenHawk_: what about General Mattis USMC?
[4:24 AM] _ChickenHawk_: and TENA?
[4:24 AM] thekillerunicorn: he does a few different things not just programming but yeah
[4:24 AM] thekillerunicorn: they all group
[4:24 AM] thekillerunicorn: they corp together
[4:24 AM] _ChickenHawk_: which I know for a fact he is involved in...
[4:24 AM] thekillerunicorn: they just work together
[4:24 AM] thekillerunicorn: on the programming
[4:25 AM] thekillerunicorn: now, people like rick and rory they were doing dark web shit.
[4:25 AM] _ChickenHawk_: Well Trinity may not be the bad guy but the government is behind GLP
[4:25 AM] thekillerunicorn: yes
[4:25 AM] thekillerunicorn: they have to watch some people
[4:25 AM] _ChickenHawk_: and Trinity works for the government
[4:25 AM] thekillerunicorn: because some people are crazy
[4:25 AM] thekillerunicorn: glp is a bait site for the insane
[4:25 AM] thekillerunicorn: honestly
[4:26 AM] thekillerunicorn: they check everyone out
[4:26 AM] _ChickenHawk_: It is my understanding that GLP is looking for soft targets for mind control
[4:26 AM] _ChickenHawk_: But I want to tell you the impression that I have lately
[4:27 AM] thekillerunicorn: it's more that they want a collective conciousness
[4:27 AM] _ChickenHawk_: They are not without honor and they are putting up with me because they know that they
[4:27 AM] _ChickenHawk_: have to
[4:27 AM] thekillerunicorn: they don't hate you
[4:27 AM] thekillerunicorn: you speak truth
[4:27 AM] thekillerunicorn: they like the truth but they also like control
[4:27 AM] thekillerunicorn: you heard rick say 3 grand
[4:27 AM] _ChickenHawk_: yes I know that it is about that as well the collective I mean
[4:27 AM] thekillerunicorn: some drunk girl said 1 grand
[4:28 AM] _ChickenHawk_: yes...
[4:28 AM] thekillerunicorn: these people come in here talking about how much they get paid it's all over money
[4:28 AM] thekillerunicorn: they don't care the evil being done to people as long as they can pay their bills.
[4:29 AM] thekillerunicorn: now i don't forget things, i can store a lot of information
[4:29 AM] thekillerunicorn: that's one thing about me that not many know on glp
[4:29 AM] _ChickenHawk_: they seem to be very interested in me...why do you suppose that is Rick?
[4:29 AM] thekillerunicorn: i don't forget details lol
[4:29 AM] thekillerunicorn: you can call me Anna
[4:29 AM] thekillerunicorn: after that night of rick elbor w/e "rick" freaks me out lol
[4:30 AM] _ChickenHawk_: Okay anna I feel like I have so much I want to talk to you about..hard to type it all...
[4:30 AM] thekillerunicorn: they like you because you are real and you don't take bullshit
[4:30 AM] thekillerunicorn: trin likes you
[4:30 AM] _ChickenHawk_: is that so...?
[4:30 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I get the feeling they have been listening and have actually discussed me...
[4:30 AM] thekillerunicorn: ultimately nobody really gives a shit about anyone as long as no one is screaming tavis
[4:31 AM] thekillerunicorn: the masonic stuff freaks them out
[4:31 AM] _ChickenHawk_: why is that Anna?
[4:31 AM] _ChickenHawk_: the  masonic stuff?
[4:31 AM] thekillerunicorn: because those are who hold the high positions and in the background of these companies the
[4:31 AM] thekillerunicorn: luciferians run it
[4:31 AM] _ChickenHawk_: Yes and I have a high level history and they already know not to mess with me...
[4:32 AM] thekillerunicorn: they take the cornerstone Jesus Christ and they go through a ritual and change it to
[4:32 AM] _ChickenHawk_: is that maybe some of it?
[4:32 AM] thekillerunicorn: lucifer at the 33rd
[4:32 AM] thekillerunicorn: my entire family were masons
[4:32 AM] thekillerunicorn: all sides
[4:32 AM] thekillerunicorn: some of them left before the 33rd
[4:33 AM] _ChickenHawk_: Do you and or they understand the place I hold in the spirit realm? I mean are they
[4:33 AM] thekillerunicorn: of course
[4:33 AM] _ChickenHawk_: compartmenatalized and trying to figure me out?
[4:33 AM] thekillerunicorn: they probably want to crack you
[4:33 AM] thekillerunicorn: and get you out
[4:33 AM] thekillerunicorn: that's why i'm telling you not to go
[4:34 AM] thekillerunicorn: they want me off of glp
[4:34 AM] _ChickenHawk_: they have already tried and they cannot crack me...but sometimes I think maybe
[4:34 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I should be careful because everyone is responsible for what they hear...
[4:34 AM] thekillerunicorn: they want me to join up
[4:34 AM] thekillerunicorn: this is kind of like initiation
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: they wanna see how much you can take
[4:35 AM] _ChickenHawk_: they have tried to recruit you then?
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: if you can't be cracked
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: you got the job
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: yeah but it's not always a bad job
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: sometimes people need to be watched
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: some people are dangerous
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: i don't think everyone should be though
[4:35 AM] _ChickenHawk_: anna I dont know what you know but they already know I cannot be cracked
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: but those who are monitored who are sane individuals are left alone
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: for the most part
[4:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: those who are trying to get people out of the crack
[4:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: are threats
[4:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: to getting paid
[4:36 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I can never work with them I work for God and Him alone...
[4:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: yes
[4:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: that's why i wont
[4:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: i get people out of the loop
[4:37 AM] thekillerunicorn: i don't keep them in a spiral
[4:37 AM] _ChickenHawk_: It doesn't matter how much they may think that they are on right hand path and doing good
[4:37 AM] _ChickenHawk_: they are not
[4:38 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I have had to deal with high level attacks from what I have posted about Freemasonry and
[4:38 AM] _ChickenHawk_: they will not mess with me anymore now...
[4:38 AM] thekillerunicorn: well these people work for the luciferian masonic
[4:39 AM] thekillerunicorn: do you hear this clown
[4:39 AM] _ChickenHawk_: smh
[4:39 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I am sure people are wondering why I am not saying anything...
[4:40 AM] thekillerunicorn: lol
[4:43 AM] _ChickenHawk_: oh well I have been busy talking with you ...
[4:44 AM] thekillerunicorn: we had a good talk

Second Update with An agent! (sorry Tavistock its time to show recruitment logs)

Extra Document Download with other log!


why are you trying to install mods in here
[11:01 PM] _ChickenHawk_: I am not an installer of mods why?
[11:01 PM] judgmentday: don't lie to me
[11:01 PM] _ChickenHawk_: I have mentioned it to a couple of people but I am looking ahead a couple of months
[11:01 PM] _ChickenHawk_: who are you?
[11:01 PM] _ChickenHawk_: don't lie
[11:02 PM] judgmentday: how have you missed who i am
[11:02 PM] _ChickenHawk_: trinity?
[11:02 PM] judgmentday: no
[11:02 PM] _ChickenHawk_: genba
[11:02 PM] judgmentday: genba
[11:02 PM] _ChickenHawk_: yeah why do you ask me that we aren't exactly on the best terms
[11:02 PM] judgmentday: i don't get how you can recognize the dark shit goin on here
[11:02 PM] judgmentday: yet try to get some of my girls to mod in here
[11:02 PM] judgmentday: why wouldyou put them in the crossfire
[11:02 PM] judgmentday: what kind of a man would do that
[11:03 PM] _ChickenHawk_: I don't perceive it like that
[11:03 PM] _ChickenHawk_:  and your girls?
[11:03 PM] judgmentday: i look out for people i've cared about for years
[11:03 PM] _ChickenHawk_: what does that mean?
[11:03 PM] _ChickenHawk_: you don't think I care?
[11:04 PM] _ChickenHawk_: and moreover what is the crossfire you speak of?
[11:04 PM] judgmentday: explaining my motivation here
[11:04 PM] judgmentday: that's what i mean by my girls
[11:04 PM] _ChickenHawk_: If it is the spiritual warfare that I have already experienced bring it.
[11:04 PM] _ChickenHawk_: that is fair enough I am not trying to put anyone in danger
[11:05 PM] _ChickenHawk_: but you are an agent of Trinity so what is your game genba
[11:05 PM] judgmentday: i am not an agent of trinity
[11:05 PM] judgmentday: why do you make that supposition
[11:06 PM] _ChickenHawk_: well it appears to me that he allowed jp to get away with setting up the second room and
[11:06 PM] judgmentday: jp had no f***in clue what was going on
[11:06 PM] _ChickenHawk_: it looks like your advice to jp destroyed it
[11:06 PM] judgmentday: i saved him from getting wrapped up in it
[11:06 PM] judgmentday: he wanted out
[11:06 PM] judgmentday: he wanted to give me the account and room completely but
[11:06 PM] judgmentday: it cannot be trasnfered
[11:07 PM] _ChickenHawk_: Well I am trying to help create a place for continued dialogue and you and all other
[11:07 PM] _ChickenHawk_: occultists can come and say their peace
[11:07 PM] _ChickenHawk_: but you didn't answer my questions
[11:07 PM] _ChickenHawk_: and moreover what is the crossfire you speak of?
[11:08 PM] _ChickenHawk_: If it is the spiritual warfare that I have already experienced bring it.
[11:08 PM] judgmentday: did you not realize i was banning all the dark magicians?
[11:08 PM] judgmentday: and the agents?
[11:08 PM] judgmentday: do you not realize what side i am on?
[11:08 PM] _ChickenHawk_: I don't want them banned and I am on the same side as you claim that you are on
[11:08 PM] judgmentday: there is to be no dialogue in this room, that's not what it's for
[11:09 PM] judgmentday: it's crawling with verified FBI
[11:09 PM] _ChickenHawk_: So it will always be
[11:09 PM] _ChickenHawk_: no matter what we do but if it is managed correctly there will be nothing they can do.
[11:10 PM] _ChickenHawk_: I am going to tell you something genba and you may choose to use this against me but
[11:10 PM] judgmentday: that's my point
[11:10 PM] judgmentday: it will never be managed correctly
[11:10 PM] judgmentday: it never has been
[11:10 PM] judgmentday: always the same types in control
[11:10 PM] _ChickenHawk_: I am a powerful man of God and I am praying over this room and I have had to deal
[11:11 PM] _ChickenHawk_: with government level attacks over the past several days and I am not a sell out to anyone
[11:11 PM] _ChickenHawk_: but Jesus Christ
[11:11 PM] _ChickenHawk_: With his help I hope to use their own platform against them that is all
[11:12 PM] _ChickenHawk_: These attacks were powerful but I handled them and I will be able to deal with the next
[11:12 PM] _ChickenHawk_: ones too.
[11:12 PM] judgmentday: i mean no disrespect by this
[11:13 PM] judgmentday: but you see things through a lens that makes me look different than i really am
[11:13 PM] judgmentday: you are constrained by that lens
[11:13 PM] judgmentday: and the people you're trying to mess around with know precisely how to
[11:13 PM] judgmentday: take advantage of that
[11:14 PM] _ChickenHawk_: I just now decided to reevalute you but I am not seeing sunpar incorrectly too much
[11:14 PM] judgmentday: i can understand wanting to use their platform against them
[11:14 PM] judgmentday: i did that for years
[11:14 PM] _ChickenHawk_: drama from her against me
[11:14 PM] judgmentday: in the vc, on the forum, i got banned 100+ times
[11:14 PM] judgmentday: thing is
[11:14 PM] judgmentday: you stand on their platform, you start to get the black goo on you
[11:14 PM] judgmentday: if you want to deal with this construct
[11:15 PM] judgmentday: the only way is to create a new construct that renders the current one obsolete
[11:15 PM] _ChickenHawk_: Well genba I will reevaluate you and consider what you have said.
[11:15 PM] judgmentday: i don't care what you think of me
[11:15 PM] judgmentday: just consider my points
[11:15 PM] judgmentday: that's enough :)
[11:15 PM] _ChickenHawk_: I don't wish to bring anyone into a battle they are not prepared for.
[11:15 PM] judgmentday: and becareful with the girls i care about
[11:16 PM] _ChickenHawk_: kora being one I gave her sound advice. I have told nicole the truth from the beginning...
[11:16 PM] _ChickenHawk_: let me ask you about your relationship with Sunpar for a moment since I know
[11:17 PM] _ChickenHawk_: that at least one of are being honest and I hope it is 2 of us.
[11:17 PM] _ChickenHawk_: Sunpar did a rant on me where she told me that she wanted to strip my ideologies from me
[11:18 PM] _ChickenHawk_: after calling me a preacher man.
[11:18 PM] _ChickenHawk_: tell me how I should view that along with your relationship with her in light of
[11:18 PM] judgmentday: i butted heads with her way back when too
[11:18 PM] _ChickenHawk_: the fact that I know she is full blown witch
[11:19 PM] _ChickenHawk_: I told her very kindly that I understood where she is coming from but stripping my
[11:19 PM] judgmentday: you think she's malicious or evil?
[11:19 PM] _ChickenHawk_: ideology from was in no way possible.
[11:20 PM] _ChickenHawk_: I think she has personal problems that involve a hatred of Christians and she
[11:21 PM] _ChickenHawk_: has grouped me with some who were not real Christians who harmed her in her youth.
[11:21 PM] _ChickenHawk_: I dont hate her but she cannot help her hatred of me. and I am not angry about that either
[11:21 PM] judgmentday: are you so sure it's hatred directed at you
[11:22 PM] judgmentday: and not frustration and anger from past incidents being projected
[11:22 PM] judgmentday: on an archetype from said incidents?
[11:22 PM] _ChickenHawk_: well I think that I said that I think it is what I represent and I am trying to find a
[11:22 PM] _ChickenHawk_: common ground so both really
[11:24 PM] _ChickenHawk_: look it seems like we are both just learning that maybe we aren't enemies
[11:24 PM] _ChickenHawk_: so lets talk in a few days
[11:25 PM] _ChickenHawk_: and fyi I am not messing with YOUR girls I have known these grils for a while and
[11:25 PM] _ChickenHawk_: I consider them my friends to and would never do anything to hurt them.
[11:25 PM] judgmentday: i've known nicole almost 10 years
[11:25 PM] judgmentday: karo like 6
[11:26 PM] judgmentday has left the chat.
[11:26 PM] judgmentday has left the chat.
[11:26 PM] _ChickenHawk_: And for the record the people I am working on this are not trying to manipulate me you

I hope it is now clear that not everyone will sellout and work for you! I'm shep and i just exposed the shit you do in this little corner of the web. Well done to all those with the courage to stand up.

And thank god for giving us the strength to resist temptation.

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 Cryptic Mole    4,519
1 hour ago, Ukshep said:

Many of you know what I, as admin, have gone through to be here with you all now. Some of you do not. As with everything else you will have noticed about me you will know that i like to connect dots. Well it's time to tell all. And pray enough people see what i say before they attack and make no doubt about it. They will once they see this.


Is the above quote your quote?

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 Ukshep    21,367
1 minute ago, Cryptic Mole said:

Is the above quote your quote?


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It's me bitches   
It's me bitches

f*** them. Name names, take they power. Post IP address for me to hack back the other way! 

Cowards the lot of them


Sole out 

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 Guitar Doc    1,571

Good thread.

You have a lot of the Intel but are still missing a few vital pieces. Who works for who and the vital why which exposes the weakness.


Your tavistock info also inaccurate.    It started after WWI to study the effects of shellshock and later renamed rebuilt rebranded .

Human manipulation is  their is there sphere.

The intercept published a lot of Intel relating to this one month ago but only one forum seemed to pick up on it. Operational data.

PS I have no internet right now. Might be another month yet. 

I have been observing these controlled ct sites for 7 years now. I will back your observations and more. There is more to this than is first apparent. A couple of good hackers could expose it all if they knew where to look.

Some Internet advertising firms are also involved. Several psych firms seem to involved as well including one based in South Africa.


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 Ukshep    21,367
4 minutes ago, Guitar Doc said:

Good thread.

You have a lot of the Intel but are still missing a few vital pieces. Who works for who and the vital why which exposes the weakness.


Your tavistock info also inaccurate.    It started after WWI to study the effects of shellshock and later renamed rebuilt rebranded .

Human manipulation is  their is there sphere.

The intercept published a lot of Intel relating to this one month ago but only one forum seemed to pick up on it. Operational data.

PS I have no internet right now. Might be another month yet. 

I have been observing these controlled ct sites for 7 years now. I will back your observations and more. There is more to this than is first apparent. A couple of good hackers could expose it all if they knew where to look.

Some Internet advertising firms are also involved. Several psych firms seem to involved as well including one based in South Africa.


I have left it so the connections could be made by the poster! The protocols and events. are just enough!

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 Lucy Barnable    5,365

Wow, this is crazy Shep!
Thanks for letting us know what's going on.
I had no idea how involved and insidious the manipulation is.

Stand strong man, we have your back! 

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 Han sole    472
1 hour ago, It's me bitches said:

f*** them. Name names, take they power. Post IP address for me to hack back the other way! 

Cowards the lot of them


Sole out 

if you havnt worked it out yet this is me

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Got linked here from another place, gotta say we have some of the same foes, we just call them shills and have many different organisations shilling us on a continual basis poking and prodding.  We have come to accept it as part of the reality and have little recourse other than to stand resolute.  All this meta drama is really hard for them to achieve on our forums because everyone posts anonymously.  Been wanting to worm my way up there chain and find out who the top dogs are.  One suggestion is to place a terms of service page on any account creation/post agreeing not to be working for any agency or any outside group with out disclosing that in each post.  It's not much but people have been arrested from breaking online terms of service, gives you a little teeth.  We gotta turn some of them and get irrefutable proof.


Below is a good resource I recommend everyone become familiar with.  Most of the data is kinda old but still quite pertinent.  Some of this is sourced from the Snowden leaks  / wikileaks and offers irrefutable proof of governments being involved with forum manipulation.  If you are in a country with free speech rights than this is proof that those rights are being violated.  Violating constitutional rights as a government operative is treason, they are themselves the domestic enemies they swear to protect the nation from not the people they try to manipulate.  They have diluted themselves into thinking that they are the good guys.  You cant have a valid democracy with out unencumbered free speech.  


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