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Finding freedom amid ruins: The free-runners of Gaza

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 Cinnamon    14,351

The sport of free-running – or parkour – has found a home with youths in battered Gaza. The ruins and debris left in the wake of the 2014 bombing campaign by Israel have become a source of both mortal danger and endless inspiration.

RT Documentary travelled to the area, where debris and dilapidated structures line the desolate landscape, setting the stage for two sworn rivals – Gaza Parkour, from the South, and 3Run Gaza, from the North.

Most residents try hard to maintain a sense of normality amid the unchanging scenes of damage that will take decades to repair. But for the two teams this apocalyptic landscape provides a rich training ground for their extreme sport.

“Parkour is freedom. And there's no freedom in Gaza. People get their freedom through parkour,”says one of the free-runners.



This is a damn shame that kids have to grow up like this.  



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 Lucy Barnable    2,659

That's sad they live like that.
Why aren't they relocated until someone gets Israel under control?
Although Gaza doesn't look that much different than parts of Detroit and people still live there.


Urban skiing in the ruins of Detroit.

Good video Cinn.


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