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Teen Mom Rejects Abortion After Rape

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Teen Mom Rejects Abortion After Rape, Now Child Protective Services Has Taken Her Baby

State   Micaiah Bilger   Jun 17, 2016   |   2:03PM    Montgomery, Alabama

There was no court order, no warrant, and no sign of imminent (or any other) danger, yet hospital social worker Jamilia literally ripped 51 hour-old Braelon from his mother’s arms right after he finished breastfeeding

We were told by Jamilia, the hospital social worker, that DHR was notified after the baby’s birth. When grandmother Dee Prince asked why they were called, she was told that this was “protocol.” Months ago, when the mother reported the rape to the police, the police notified DHR, citing policy, because the rape victim was a minor. Jamilia assured us that this was different than the part of DHR that takes children away from parents, and that this was just a procedural thing that they had to be notified of the birth, and that after the DHR social worker stopped by to visit, the family could go home.

Read the whole post here : http://www.lifenews.com/2016/06/17/teen-mom-rejects-abortion-after-rape-now-child-protective-services-has-taken-her-baby/

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