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Prepare For The End! It’s About To Get Ugly, And Here’s Why!!!

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 CSB    1,664

Prepare For The End! It’s About To Get Ugly, And Here’s Why!!!
Published on Jun 16, 2016

GET READY!!!!!!!

Lately your Government and Military have been arming themselves for the worst — militarizing, mobilizing, and readying for an all-out war: civil war, that is.

On June 16th, 2016, the U.S. Navy discussed secretive plans to microchip military soldiers, and finally ALL American citizens. Such plans have been in place for many years, but now these plans are finally coming to fruition.

Vice Admiral James Wisecup, and transhumanist Zoltan Istvan, together discussed the ways and the implications on microchipping and its effects on humans. Both agree that chipping the military troops, citizens, and patrons alike will not only ensure "American safety" for all, but will also help track little children, in case they were to ever get lost.


What they're NOT telling you is the plans to eventually microchip every American they [possibly] can, use these microchips to track, surveil, and monitor your EVERY move, introduce these microchips when the staged economic collapse/civil unrest start to ensue, and follow your every purchase, footstep, breathe, and heartbeat — LITERALLY!

Not to mention how they plan to shut down America via civil unrest and staged riots, rid all stores of food and water so upheaval can commence, bring in the military as a planned solution to staged chaos, and restore Order to the Chaos via microchips — and Increased Surveillance courtesy microchipping — courtesy the Zionist elite.

And if you don't think we're close, just take a look at Venezuela.

What Are They REALLY Getting Ready For?!?!



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 Lucy Barnable    2,691

I think it's close too and it will most definitely be ugly.
I will not be chipped. I know that's easy to say now but I mean it.
They would have to find me first and that's not all that easy to do.
I use a P.O. Box for all my mail and have done so several for years.
I only use prepaid credit cards online and cash everywhere else.
I'm almost invisible now. At least I think so...

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