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There's an incredible EU conspiracy theory about the way David Cameron crossed the road

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EU PLOT? rofl

On the day that more than 200 figures from the arts penned a letter lending their support to the Remain campaign, David Cameron visited the famous Abbey Road studios.

The prime minister attended the pro-EU event in London with Labour's Tessa Jowell and they both walked over the zebra crossing made famous by the Beatles...

There are, however, several things wrong with the video:

  • Could they not find more than two people?
  • Cameron is doing that awkward thing with his legs that people do when they cross Abbey Road
  • Cameron and Jowell are about as far from "rock 'n' roll" as is humanly possible (no offence)
  • Other than that, one small detail of the video has got Brexiteer chins wagging... This


Source: http://indy100.independent.co.uk/article/theres-an-incredible-eu-conspiracy-theory-about-the-way-david-cameron-crossed-the-road--bkL1CAKJ7Z


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