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 Cinnamon    24,753

By guest author, Thomas Paine. Washington’s Blog has previously documented false flag attacks are a usual expression of government to manipulate policy, with at least 53 admitted by governments (site search results on false flag). I’ve covered the use of crisis actors to play a role to manipulate public opinion here, here, here. The crucial element in false flags with crisis actors is a contrived lie to herd the public to support policy centered in wars that are Orwellian illegal, and ongoing history of US lie-started wars for empire.

The Huffington Post Bloggers Club is offering up to $25,000 for hard evidence that the June 12 Orlando massacre was staged (consider here,here).

The attack fits the same pattern observed dozens of times over the last several years; in particulars, the summary execution of the suspect and disbelief of those who knew him best, including his family.

Yet again, the timing of the attack combined with the demographic of the alleged victims and the demographic of the alleged gunman, dovetail too well with the domestic and geopolitical agendas in Washington. The Orlando shooting is simply perfect for at least six top priorities of the Obama regime:

push the Gay agenda,

repeal the Second Amendment,

justify Orwellian surveillance,

embolden the police state,

fan hatred of Muslims,

intervene on behalf of terrorists in Syria while pretending to fight them,

distract from the most influential American Muslim of all time: Muhammad Ali.

We seek documents, videos and other material showing that actors rehearsed this incident and/or the alleged victims are not real people.  What ever you have, we are interested.  You don’t have to identify yourself, encryption is fine and we can pay in bitcoin.

If, on the other hand, you have proof that we are mistaken, that the massacre was real as advertised by the media, we would also like to see it. Contact us at info@hpub.org.



Ok people, here's your chance to do what you do best, investigate! and make some money at the same time! 

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 Cinnamon    24,753
2 minutes ago, Lucy Barnable said:

I just posted this in the FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE thread.

I say have at it guys!
If anyone can prove it it's COPpers.

Yes indeed! C'mon guys, I would be so proud if someone here won that money! 

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