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The Obama Administration - Earth's Largest Arms Dealer

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With the Obama presidency in its final year, there is one central element of his foreign policy that has received little attention – the dramatic acceleration of lethal weapons exports by the U.S. military and defense contractors. As Ammo.com details, the Obama administration has approved more lethal weapon sales to more foreign countries than any U.S. administration since World War II. Many billions more than G.W. Bush's administration, in fact. And some of these sales will likely result in unintended consequences i.e. "blowback" – especially as more than 60 percent of them have gone to the Middle East and Persian Gulf...





Obama along with his muslim brotherhood administration wants to disarm Americans - all the while arming middle eastern terrorists... After all 'gun walking' seems to be his specialty, and i'm sure the Mexican drug cartel would agree. 

Obama says gun control prevents terrorism... How so when he arms them?  Obama says he wants to make it harder for terrorist to obtain guns... is this an oxymoron? lol - yes!

I mean, saying that gun control will prevent terrorist is like saying... "It’s safe to let an axe murderer into your home as long as there are no axes lying around." 


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