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 Ukshep    13,274


He should not be. he has provided zero evidence from what i can tell. So why is everyone saying confirmed? i'll tell you why. The event snowden is known for was a f***ing psyop. It gave him the credibility for the next phase of the plan.

They needed a face with credibility!! Now they have it. He is confirming hacks about things that he has no business with and would not be finding on his own!

Next question is why? Well why i cant answer that i can tell you this! the one thing they count on is division, they reap its rewards. THEY WANT US TO BE RACIST TOWARDS BLACK PEOPLE! blacklivesmatter has and will always be a tool for the government. Same as the occupy movement and every other damn movement has been infiltrated!

In closing. Its only one stage of the plan and i dont pretend to know what that is. I only have pieces and this is a gigantic ass puzzle!

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 Lucy Barnable    2,691

A bit off topic but speaking of Black Lives Matter...

Black Lives Matter Founder Convicted of Felony Lynching … Say What?

Last week, 28-year-old Jasmine Richards, the founder of Pasadena’s Black Lives Matter movement, was convicted of ‘felony lynching’. The California penal code refers to lynching as “the taking by means of riot of another person from the lawful custody of a peace officer,” though the term brings up visions of KKK hangings in the southern states. Tuesday of this week, Judge Elaine Lu sentenced Richards to 90 days in jail with 18 days served, three years of probation, and one year of anger management.
The initial charges brought against Richards included inciting a riot, child endangerment, delaying and obstructing police officers, and felony lynching. By the June 1 trial date, the other charges were dropped and only the lynching charge remained.
Jasmine Richards is the first African American to be convicted of lynching in the United States, which her attorney Nana Gyami characterizes as politically motivated to stop activists from organizing and from speaking out to challenge the system.


Back on topic...
I've never trusted Snowden.
The whole thing was fishy from the start.

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25 minutes ago, yaknow said:

Didnt he go from china to russia?so everyone in on it!!!most likely!!

Exactly.  And after he did, computers started getting hacked left and right.  I've been telling people he wasn't a Patriot,  just another lowlife traitor. Remember,  George Orwell laid out the basic blueprint. They own the "revolutionaries", that's why I oppose revolutions.

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 JibbyJedi    1,160

Well said F.B...... keep an open mind, hold onto your puzzle pieces, never think you KNOW the truth 100% because no one really does..... and speak from your heart always.  You can't go wrong with that recipe.

Snowden & Assange both are gov't puppet tools that are used on us all...... neither of them ever revealed anything I didn't already know years prior to releases, and it was mostly all old data, and completely useless, changed nothing about anything, except people's perceptions.   Real whistle blowers won't make "the TV news", lol.

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