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US to Give Israel 40 Billion to Help Destabilize the Middle East

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 rbear    240

U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice promised Israel on Monday that the new military aid agreement between the two nations that is currently being negotiated will constitute “the single largest military assistance package — with any country — in American history.”

Addressing the American Jewish Committee Global Forum in Washington, Rice said the new decade-long aid package, which is expected to provide Israel somewhere between $37.5 billion and $40 billion over the life of the pact, will “constitute a significant increase in support,” providing funding to update Israel’s aircraft fleet and strengthen missile defenses.

Hinting at the polarized views on Israeli policy among the U.S. presidential candidates, Rice said that “Israel’s security isn’t a Democratic interest or a Republican interest—it’s an enduring American interest.”

Note that this story comes from a Jewish newspaper, Haaretz. No mainstream media source seems to have picked up the story yet. I wonder why that is? Maybe the American people aren’t so enthusiastic about this “enduring American interest?”

Trump has said that not only did he not intend to pay Israel for their defense, but he expected that they would pay America for defending them! Ha! Imagine how glorious that will be!

Once the west is no longer spending most of it’s resources on welfare for Jews and low IQ brown people, whatever economic problems remain will be insignificant.

cont DS

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And the Jew shills say they don't run America! What a Joke, Susan rice any relation to Consolidate?

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