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Jewish and Zionist Influence at the Council on Foreign Relations

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 rbear    240

The Council on Foreign Relations (hereafter CFR) has often been argued to be one of the most important forums for the determination of the foreign policy of the United States. This simplistic view has come in for some judicious and well-deserved criticism from scholars of the subject. (1)

While I don’t hold to the view that the CFR has relatively little influence other than as talking shop as suggested by Schulzinger. (2) I also think it is important not to overstate it, but rather to see the CFR as one of an interlocking sequence of complementary and competing foreign policy think tanks jockeying for prominence and influence in the North American political landscape.

I think we can reasonably suggest however that the CFR is one of the more important and successful of these organizations given the prominence of its senior membership and sheer staying power in the arena of intellectual debate on the subject.

Therefore it is of great interest to us to ascertain the extent of jewish and Zionist influence within the CFR.

Looking at the CFR’s Board of Directors of 36 members we find the following jewish individuals: (3)

David Dalin (4)
David Rubenstein (5)
Richard Haass (6)
Zoe Baird (7)
Alan Blinder (8)
Blair Effron (9)
Laurence Douglas Fink (10)
Stephen Friedman (11)
Thomas Glocer (12)
John Paulson (13)
Ruth Porat (14)
Richard Salomon (15)

Despite claims to the contrary I can find no evidence that the following individuals are jewish:

Donna Hrinak (16)
Richard Pepler (17)
Timothy Geithner (18)

Therefore we can see some 12 out of the 36 members of the Board of Directors of the CFR are jewish. This is 33 percent of the total membership of the Board of Directors.

If we include the doubtful claim of jewish ancestry to CFR Board Member Colin Powell then we have 13 out of the 36 members being jewish. This is 36 percent of the total membership of the Board of Directors.

This is significant as jews are circa 2 percentage of the population of the United States of America, (19) which means they are 16.5 times over-represented in the Board of Directors of the CFR than in the general population (18 times if you include Colin Powell).

This is scary enough, but when we note other the views of other Board Members then it gets positively alarming.

Let’s look at them shall we?  cut cont DS

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