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octopus prime

Another senator calls for gun control

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https://www.yahoo.com/news/senate-democrat-seeks-military-style-weapons-ban-shooting-172818796.html Senate Democrat seeks military-style weapons ban after shooting

"It's time for Congress to finally act on gun violence and ban military-style weapons, put limits on clips and magazine sizes, ban those on the terrorist watchlist from purchasing firearms and require background checks on all gun sales," Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania said in a statement.

"We know that the shooter in Orlando used a high-powered weapon that allowed him to fire a large number of bullets in rapid succession," he said.

That's 2.

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 Groove    1,329

Hmmm. What's that gonna solve mr senator not a damn things that's what. This incident took place in a gun free zone, no one could fight back with equal power. Your gun hate speech will not stop these attacks, only true Americans who take these radical people down before it gets so bad. Haven't you anti gun people learned anything yet.  

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