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Poking the Bear

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Syria continues to make incremental progress in several areas in spite of recent US sponsored incidents.  


I am personally convinced Putin, and likely China have reached the end of their willingness to hope for the best.  The scenario I laid out in this thread June 11th of  last year appears to have materialized.  Even though things seem to have calmed down at least a little on the Korean Peninsula, I am not at all optimistic about  the overall global situation.  I believe that Russia and China both  have become convinced the western  globalists are not going to stop  until they get war.  They are under real threat of  exposure for  their decades of murderous criminality in the US and I suspect their apparent determination to involve us in a massive military  campaign is at least in part motivated by their fear.

Since their ultimate goal is to  rule the  world, and the  US in it's current state represents a true roadblock to that goal, I suspect they're quite willing to pursue a strategy to neutralize that roadblock, even if that  means speeding up their original timetable.

Buckle up.  It's likely to get rough.

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I may comment later.  For now I'm just sickened.  Same old, same old...rebranding, renaming the same old terrorists -  ISIS/Al Qaeda fighters polished up and presented with new names in a dance of deception :/   New US Air Assault activity in western Syria indicates the race to control territory is heating up - with  an eye toward carving Syria up into a confusion of "spheres of influence" leaving greater Syria in a controllable "failed state" condition.  Sick.


It does not take much imagination to perceive how Russia must be viewing these developments.  This will not end well.

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With all that's going on in the world I'm a bit slower getting these posted :)  Northern Hama seems to continue to be a main thrust for the  Syrian army and they  seem to be getting the job done.  Daraa is extremely vulnerable with US support just across the border in Jordan.  Daraa is one of two areas we're likely to see western/NATO make a move soon....western Syria is another.   The US, and whatever we're calling our terrorist proxies these days seem to be making a push to secure vast areas of Syrian desert in the west, area of little military or economic significance, and probably not a lot of resistance either.  But it will serve well as a political bargaining chip later.


Some analysis of the different results Russia is getting with its training of Syrian troops.   The apparent professionalism stands in stark contrast to the rag tag militias we see over and over, expending ammunition just to make noise.   The ones we apparently "trained".



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