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Increased Government Spending in Biometrics Will Continue to Boost the Biometrics Market in North America Until 2020, Says Technavio

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A major share of the government biometric revenue comes from homeland security and law enforcement divisions as they deal with large volumes of public data. During the forecast period, iris recognition is predicted to find greater adoption for high-security applications such as border control and access control systems because of its stability and scalability,” said Amrita Choudhury, one of Technavio’s lead analysts for automatic identification systems research.

Biometrics market in North America by technology 2015

Fingerprint recognition 49.53%

Facial recognition 11.69%

IRIS recognition 13.75%

Hand geometry 10.02%

Voice recognition 6.75%

Vein recognition 1.71%

Others 6.57%

Source: Technavio research

Fingerprint recognition market in North America: largest segment

Fingerprint recognition technology is widely adopted in various end-user segments for authentication purposes. For instance, Webster Bank has introduced authentication using Apple’s Touch ID technology, which allows its customers to use fingerprint biometrics login to check account balances. Also, Zwipe has introduced Zwipe Mastercard, which enables fingerprint-based contactless payment as it is convenient and secure. SmartMetric has introduced a similar card that contains a fingerprint reader to activate the card with the help of fingerprint scan of its customers to protect their identity and transactions.

Facial recognition market in North America: second largest segment

The facial recognition technology is constantly updated and has moved beyond traditional facial detection applications. It is now being used in applications such as photo tagging and can facilitate refined search engine queries based on facial images. Major cities in the US such as Chicago have extensively integrated camera networks to track people. Moreover, federal governments have already started implementing facial recognition to detect identity fraud with passports for better border control.

The technology will likely find rapid adoption in the retail sector because of its ability to understand facial expressions of consumers while they shop. It is expected to become a powerful tool for marketers to understand consumer behavior and enhance product and service offerings.

Iris recognition market in North America

The iris recognition biometrics market in North America will show steady and healthy growth during the forecast period. The technology is safe for individual subjects as there is no contact with the hardware and therefore has less chances of transmitting germs. The technology is accurate, with a FAR of just one in 1.2 million, thus making it ideal for high-security applications. It also helps with the faster identification and verification of individuals. Among end-users, the government, BFSI, and transportation sectors will likely become the major adopters of this technology.



Plugging us into the Matrix more and more daily.  

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They told us they would enslave us and make us pay the cost of doing it.  And so we have.

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