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ILLEGAL ALIEN BRAGS About Her Free College Tuition On Twitter But Then… The internet strikes

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 Ukshep    13,134

More delightful drama around they gimme it for free crowd!

Mayte Lara must not be THAT smart because she was bragging about her free ride to UT and then mentioned she’s illegal…Karma must have decided to step in because she was hammered so hard on Twitter and Facebook that she had to close the accounts. She’s here illegally and taking away a scholarship that could have gone to a LEGAL college student!

Mayte Lara graduated valedictorian from her high school with a 4.5 GPA and is now heading to the University of Texas with every last dime of tuition paid for by taxpayers. She has “nice legs” and oh, is an undocumented immigrant illegal alien invader.

Image of tweet! http://2ps46p2qeea548gs4x33cbdz.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/tuition.jpg

Source: http://100percentfedup.com/illegal-alien-brags-about-her-free-college-tuition-on-twitter-but-then-this-happens/

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 rbear    240

This is like going into gang territory and dominating everything and then getting awards for it. When the other sectors hear about it which are affiliated, they do not approve of the behavior of their overtaken partial sector and go in to restore order.

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 rbear    240


European Court Rules It is Illegal to Jail Illegal Immigrants

img link

Assault? Couldn’t do anything about it anyway. Migrants can’t be jailed.

Breitbart, reporting on an Agence France-Presse (AFP) news release, announced per the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling in the case of illegal migrant and shining beacon of Europe’s demographic future Selina Affum, Member States of the Schengen Zone may not imprison detained illegal migrants – even ones as is the case of Affum who were in possession of another’s passport and no other legal documents identifying them as a legal citizen of the Member State or another participating Member State.

Not only does the ruling fly in the face of the concept of individual and sovereign nation-states it effectively neuters EU Member States’ ability to provide negative incentives for migrants looking to enter or pass through European countries illegally. This is despite the acknowledgement on behalf of the ECJ that.

Under Article 4(3) of the Schengen Borders Code, Member States are to introduce penalties, in accordance with their national law, for the unauthorised crossing of external borders at places other than border crossing points or at times other than the fixed opening hours. These penalties are to be effective, proportionate and dissuasive. 

cont DS


I think this relates, I mean its talking about passer-throughs, and the op article is talking about a parasite that has been smothering the host. While I didn't check into it, it is likely in op's article, an ebt card may have been involved.

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