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BREAKING: FBI Sends Warning To Hillary About Evidence In Investigation

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 Ukshep    13,370

Oh i bet she is shaking in her boots!

While presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her supporters may be cheering the fact that she has seemingly survived a grueling primary season that she was supposed to breeze through on her way to a coronation, they may want to temper their celebrations just a bit.

Despite Clinton’s many claims that her private email server scandal was no big deal because she did nothing wrong, the FBI has nevertheless been engaged in a lengthy criminal investigation into her email practices and possible corruption during her tenure as secretary of state.

Just in case Hillary and her sycophants want to still brush off the investigation as little more than a “security review,” the FBI just filed a motion in federal court essentially declaring everything that was contained on Clinton’s private server and email accounts as potential evidence of criminal wrongdoing, according to The Hill.

Source: http://conservativetribune.com/fbi-warning-hillary-evidence/

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